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Comment: PS2 servers got merged. (Score 1) 146

by UpnAtom (#47685505) Attached to: World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Launches Nov. 13th

Miller is absolutely jammed at the moment. I need to queue to get into continents more often than not now (subscribers get priority).
Also, if you didn't like the flying-centric version, infantry are pretty strong now.

Lastly, there are some new bonus cert mechanics so it's a lot easier to get access to stuff.

I'm an MMORPG player really but PS2 is undoubtedly the best game there is by quite a long way.

Comment: Recliner angle will damage your back (Score 1) 154

by UpnAtom (#47685287) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Recliner For a Software Developer?

I've been thinking about going a bit more horizontal a la

Having your back completely horizontal with your legs raised (with much of your weight supported at the knees) may be much better but more difficult to climb into. This is a position I was advised to use by a back consultant after damaging my back and I found it extremely helpful.

For about 12 years, I've used a stand-up desk and high sloped stool because it compels me to move around if I get uncomfortable from standing in a bad posture.

Comment: Re:Hard to believe same director made both trilogi (Score 1) 156

by UpnAtom (#47568371) Attached to: The Hobbit: the Battle of Five Armies Trailer Released

Thanks, glad someone appreciated it.

Might be interesting to look at how much of the rest of the great aspects of LotR were dependent on things not controlled by Peter Jackson eg Gandalf's rescue of Theoden, Aragorn et al at Helm's Deep, done largely through a CGI dawn and CGI armies.

Comment: Hard to believe same director made both trilogies (Score 2, Interesting) 156

by UpnAtom (#47562919) Attached to: The Hobbit: the Battle of Five Armies Trailer Released

LOTR: Excellent pacing, lots of suspense, amazing sets, good cinematography, decent casting.
Hobbit: Terrible pacing leading to little suspense, cheap sets, awful cinematography with very awkward angles, mediocre casting.

In The Hobbit, Jackson makes the particularly noob-director mistake of trying to feature far too many characters. Nor does he give us much reason to care about them. Compare the OK Dwarven song in Hobbit 1 with the first encounter of the hobbits with the Nazgul.

Interestingly, this fundamental scene is set up by special effects, but you've also got the nice touch of the creepy crawlies trying to get away from the Nazgul and Frodo's weird (but later understood) response. This scene sets up the whole trilogy: the pitifully out-of-their-depth hobbits vs the servants of evil.

The main problem with LotR, changing the storyline, gets worse in The Hobbit too. Obviously we didn't give Jackson a hard enough time about it.

Comment: Not illegal, just not legally required (Score 1) 147

by UpnAtom (#47428987) Attached to: UK Gov't Plans To Push "Emergency" Surveillance Laws

Apparently the "emergency" is that what they were doing was illegal

No. This is about ISPs retaining data, not the Govt. The reason they want it now is that ISPs are threatening to delete the data -- which would be a year's data plus however long it takes to pass this bill.

Not that it should be passed.

Comment: Re:Other way around (Score 1) 725

by UpnAtom (#47396305) Attached to: When Beliefs and Facts Collide

And that comment followed one talking about mentally disabled people. Which was a class of people that were de-humanized and denied rights to

Yeah. In the 30s perhaps LOL

Even with the embryo question, there still is no evidence in his posts you responded to that he is "pretty anti-abortion".

Already gave you it ... *sigh*

His very first post above is saying an embryo is a human being, and then he specifically states that a human embryo is Homo sapiens sapiens.

In his SECOND post. Clearly you're the kind of person referred to in the article too.

And you say you don't realize he is making a species argument.

Yes I assumed he was making a relevant point.

You post a scientific argument as if it is your belief, and defend it as if it is your belief, dismiss people who dispute what is apparently your belief, and now claim it wasn't your belief all along.

You are truly dumb.

My first two words on this whole article: "Science says..."

First sentence of my second comment: "We're not talking about my belief system, we're talking about "scientific doctrine""

Yet you presuppose I'm lying. Can't you read? Did you check and really can't read? Did you read it and have it not make it through the filters the article talks about?

Hilarious the irony of your behaviour in regards to this article.

Have a nice evening.

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