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Comment Re:Probably bullshit (Score 2) 192

> That, coupled with their tenuous release schedule (to put it mildly), makes Valve a perfect argument against this sort of structure.

As Gabe said:

* No one will remember a bad game that shipped on time,
* No one will remember that a great shipped late.

Obviously this no-management style doesn't fit all business needs.

Comment Re:Using the Amiga is cheating (Score 1) 34

>and you were getting music out of the internal speaker usually known for just going "beep", then you've got something impressive.

Nah, just need to dedicate CPU cycles to the task.

  we had digitized speech (SeaDragon) on the Apple ][ and music (Goonies), even classical. (Not linking to the obvious Castle Wolfenstein)

At 1 MHz you can get fake 2-voice music. (Karateka)

1-bit sampling can produce anything (albeit at low quality) when you dedicate even 1 MHz to the process.

Similarly on the PC @ 4.77 Mhz, you can get fake mutl-voice music (8088 MPH by Hornet + CRTC + DESiRE)

On the PC, since you had ~8 MHz you could get fake 3 voice music. (Sorry, can't find a demo)

8-bit DAC at 16MHz sounds SO much better.

So yeah, this is old news.

Still impressive for a calc. :-)

Comment Re:Probably bullshit (Score 2) 192

> but I have a strong suspicion that the thing is bullshit. I'll admit I don't really know, but I wouldn't trust what I was told about this unless I saw it for myself over an extended period of time,

Valve's management is "flat". They have been doing this for years.


Submission + - A remarkable number of people think 'The Martian' is based on a true story (

MarkWhittington writes: “The Martian” is a smash hit movie that made $100 million worldwide during its first weekend. The science and engineering depicted was, with certain notable exceptions, near perfect. The cinematography and special effects were so well done that one could almost imagine that Ridley Scott sent Matt Damon and a film crew to Mars to shoot the movie. In fact, perhaps the film was a little too good. Buzzfeed took a stroll through social media and discovered that many people think that “The Martian” is based on a true story.

Submission + - Porsche chooses Apple over Google because Google wants too much data (

countach44 writes: As reported in number 5 of this list from Motor Trend, Porsche went with Apple over Google for the infotainment system in its new 911. Apparently, Android Auto wants vehicle data (throttle position, speed, coolant temp, etc...) whereas Apple Play only needs to know if the car is in motion. Speculation is around what Google, as a company building its own car, wants that data for.

Submission + - Dear FCC : Please don't kill my PC! (

An anonymous reader writes: This past year the FCC passed a set of rules that require manufacturers to thwart end-users from violating rules intended to keep the airwaves usable by all. Unfortunately the rules are such that they will do nothing to stop violators who have the knowledge and intent to bypass them and are already having massive collateral damage on non-violating users. Many people in the OpenWRT and LibreCMC communities are already seeing these locks in newer stock firmware images.

What we would like people to keep in mind is that these rules are not explicit to routers and will hamper other devices as well. Can't install your favourite distribution on a new computer? These rules may be to blame.

The EFF, FSF, Purple Foundation, OpenWRT, ThinkPenguin, Qualcomm, and others have been working diligently to stop this, but we need your help. This is your last chance to send in comments for a set of proposed rules that will make the situation even worse than it already is. For accurate information (there have been many factually inaccurate and misleading stories/quotes) check out the following blog post: and send your comments into the FCC via the EFF's new site: Also see

This is your last chance to stop this. The comment period ends October 9th!

Additional thoughts: Canada and Europe are also passing a similar set of rules. This fight won't be over any time soon. However we won't win unless we can overcome and win the first battle: stopping the proposed rules in the USA.

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