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Comment Re:How does this cheap VR compare? (Score 1) 16

Thanks for the mini review! It's been ~2 years since I've tried the Oculus so interested to hear how it compares with the Google Cardboard.

I'm still waiting to see if VR takes off (it has been that way for 20 years; the main problems are still problems, although less so). I have my doubts if it will get the mass consensus. Hoping, but "wait-and-see."

> but I didn't experience any vertigo.

Hmm, that's interesting. I've been gaming since the early 80's and never get vertigo. I did with the Oculus within the first few minutes. My brain had a hard time trying to decouple the inconsistent and mixed messages that the eyes + hears were sending.

> The $15 Cardboard is good enough on the low end to experience most of what's out there.

That is good to hear !

> I see people using lots of Cardboard for shared VR experiences for the whole family.

I could totally see that. I just wonder if VR won't end up like the 3D glasses though? Sure it is dam cool to experience but there is no "killer app" and lack of content doen't push it over the edge as a "necessity".

> I'll probably also have to upgrade my elderly Geforce 560Ti before then

My last dev + gaming rig (Athlon Phenom II 955BE @ 3.5 GHz), 16 GB, 128 GB SSD, used a GTX 560Ti w/ 448 cores. I upgraded to an i7-4770K + GTX 980 Ti + 32 GB RAM + 256 GB SSD. Playing on Starcraft 2, Elite: Dangerous, and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, etc. all on Ultra settings at 4K is **awesome.** Save up! Upgrading is totally worth it !!

> Plenty of decent content is already there, and more is always on the way. It's a great time for VR no matter what your equipment.

I guess I should check out some of the newer content. Elite: Dangerous supports the Oculus -- might have to get one earlier rather then later. :-)

Submission + - EFF: The Final Leaked TPP Text is All That We Feared (

An anonymous reader writes: Wikileaks has released the finalized Intellectual Property text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which international negotiators agreed upon a few days ago. Unfortunately, it contains many of the consumer-hostile provisions that so many organizations spoke out against beforehand. This includes the extension of the copyright term to life plus 70 years, and a ban on the circumvention of DRM. The EFF says, "If you dig deeper, you'll notice that all of the provisions that recognize the rights of the public are non-binding, whereas almost everything that benefits rightsholders is binding. That paragraph on the public domain, for example, used to be much stronger in the first leaked draft, with specific obligations to identify, preserve and promote access to public domain material. All of that has now been lost in favor of a feeble, feel-good platitude that imposes no concrete obligations on the TPP parties whatsoever." The EFF walks us through all the other awful provisions as well — it's quite a lengthy analysis.

Comment Re:That's one way to do it (Score 3, Insightful) 265

> Gaming has moved from the desktop to the laptop or game console.

Uh, no. One might temped to think so with Best Selling Video Games, but the PC Market is holding its own.

Some genres are significantly superior on PC.

i.e. Let me know when I can play Starcraft 2 on a console.

> The PC simply has no future.

Content creation isn't dead.

Comment Re:Then you'll have paywalls (Score 1) 317

> ... if you don't allow any form of passive income generation for the content providers.

Stop trying to hoist your broken business model onto users -- we're not falling for it.

The internet was founded upon the principle of freely sharing. Anything that involves money runs anathema to this (aside from selling an actual product or service of course.)

Comment Only Reasonable = Block every dam ad (Score 4, Insightful) 317

The day the content guys pay for *my* internet access that's when they can serve me ads.

My computer. My browser. My bandwidth.

Until then, they can FUCK OFF.

If you want to do ads "right", look at what Steam does. It shows me which games are on _sale_ and *I* get a say in what ads I see. i.e. None, Next, or Product Sale.

Submission + - How to Create Art With Mathematics (

An anonymous reader writes: Lavished with many beautiful illustrations of this kind, Farris’ book is a joyful yet serious exploration of how mathematics can create beautiful patterns and provide us with a deep understanding of symmetry, one of the underlying principles of great art. “Euclid alone has looked on Beauty bare,” wrote the poet Edna St. Vincent Millay, and Frank Farris shows us what that means. His book uses the abstract, esoteric beauty of mathematical equations to create the universally appealing beauty of visual art. I believe our ability to find beauty in both mathematics and art reveals something deep about the human mind, a topic we may explore in the solution column. For now, let’s tackle today’s puzzles. They are inspired by the more elementary parts of Farris’ book, which discusses different types of symmetries in wallpaper, friezes and Escher-esque morphing patterns using a host of mathematical techniques involving groups, vector spaces, Fourier series, rosette functions, wave functions and several others. The puzzles below merely skim the surface of the connection between math and art that the book explores in depth, but they are designed to encourage all of our readers to create stunning visual patterns using mathematics.

Comment Re:Don't contact aliens. Don't. (Score 1) 186

> Aliens that find us will probably be so much more advanced than we are, they'll put us in their zoo, or they'll eat us.

false dichotomy. You left of options 3 and 4.

OR being sufficiently advanced they respect all life and want to interact with all the different life forms in the galaxy to learn how our human perspective is different and similar to theirs.
ALONG WITH most alien species are completely AFRAID of humans as they know our true potential. They want NOTHING to do with us until we grow the fuck up (spiritually.)

> There should be a law against contacting intelligent alien life forms.

And good luck _enforcing_ _THEM_ to obey it.

Comment Re: Using the Amiga is cheating (Score 1) 54

Technically LDA or STA produces 1-bit sound. Interestingly enough 22 years later Sony copied the same idea with their Super Audio CD -- 1 bit @ 2.8224 MHz

And while 1-bit audio was all the Apple had one _could_ playback digitized speech as Castle Wolfenstien and Sea Dragon proved.


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