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+ - UPS: We've Been Hacked->

Submitted by paysonwelch
paysonwelch (2505012) writes "The United Parcel Service announced Wednesday that customersâ(TM) credit and debit card information at 51 franchises in 24 states may have been compromised. There are 4,470 franchised center locations throughout the U.S., according to UPS.

The malware began to infiltrate the system as early as January 20, but the majority of the attacks began after March 26. UPS says the threat was eliminated as of August 11 and that customers can shop safely at all locations."

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Comment: Re:So what they need, then... (Score 1) 174

Your first mistake is assuming the Mind == Brain. That is incorrect. The mind doesn't depend the physical.

A poor analogy would be:

* Brain = Hardware
* Mind = Software

Your second mistake is assuming that it is not possible to transfer your mind. My wife channels other consciousness for a short time. The point is, whatever consciousness is (or isn't), consciousness is NOT physical as Peter Russell correctly points out in his The Primacy of Consciousness

Your third mistake is assuming you consciousness dies when the body dies. This is also incomplete. Your mind is not confined, nor defined by, the limits of space or time.

If you have ever had an OBE you would understand these fundamentals about the mind.

+ - CDC caught in scientific fraud->

Submitted by justthinkit
justthinkit (954982) writes "With a full headline of "CDC caught in scientific fraud, perpetrating vaccine violence against blacks in shocking eugenics cover-up", the waiting begins. The evidence is coming from a whistleblower, and will be "made public in mere days." The story continues with "MMR vaccine causes autism"...and the CDC knew it. For 12 years. So are Slashdotters still going to say vaccines are harmless? This is almost sacred ground for some."
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+ - What's After Big Data?->

Submitted by gthuang88
gthuang88 (3752041) writes "As the marketing hype around “big data” subsides, a recent wave of startups is solving a new class of data-related problems and showing where the field is headed. Niche analytics companies like RStudio, Vast, and FarmLink are trying to provide insights for specific industries such as finance, real estate, and agriculture. Data-wrangling software from startups like Tamr and Trifacta is targeting enterprises looking to find and prep corporate data. And heavily funded startups such as Actifio and DataGravity are trying to make data-storage systems smarter. Together, these efforts highlight where emerging data technologies might actually be used in the business world."
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+ - The first particle physics evidence of physics beyond the Standard Model?

Submitted by StartsWithABang
StartsWithABang (3485481) writes "It’s the holy grail of modern particle physics: discovering the first smoking-gun, direct evidence for physics beyond the Standard Model. Sure, there are unanswered questions and unsolved puzzles, ranging from dark matter to the hierarchy problem to the strong-CP problem, but there’s no experimental result clubbing us over the head that can’t be explained with standard particle physics. That is, the physics of the Standard Model in the framework of quantum field theory. Or is there? Take a look at the evidence from the muon’s magnetic moment, and see what might be the future of physics!"

Comment: Re:Still... (Score 1) 191

by UnknownSoldier (#47714883) Attached to: C++14 Is Set In Stone

The 'x' in 0x stands for hexidecimal

I picked 'z' because:

a) it is not a hex digit
b) it close to x to type
c) it is a mnemonic for zero
d) it stands just enough out
e) it has an hint of symmetry about it -- z is the last character in the alphabet so using it for the lowest number base seems appropriate.

Considering some assemblers have used the dumb '%' percent sign to designate binary, having a consistent form with C's hex literal leaves a little choices:

Using a .. f is retarded because they are hex digits. 'x' is taken. Using I, L, O is dumb because lowercase they blend in.

That leaves: g, h, j, k, m, n, p, q, r, s, t, u, v, w, y , z

0g110101 looks dumb
0h110101 looks dumb, some languages use 'h' for hex
0m110101 blends in
0n110101 blends in
0r110101 blends in
0t110101 blends in
0u110101 used for unsigned -- not appropiate
0v110101 maybe
0w110101 too verbose
0y110101 maybe

So which symbol would you pick??

Comment: Re:Shame (Score 0) 102

by UnknownSoldier (#47713337) Attached to: Interviews: Bjarne Stroustrup Answers Your Questions

Considering I am a rendering/optimization/UI expert working for a Fortune 50 company on R&D you tell me?

Without janitors to keep the place clean people would get sick. Everybody has their role to do a company -- no one is more important, or less important, for a company to function properly and efficiently.

Pro-Tip: Using an ad hominem just makes oneself look like a complete tool.

Here is some free advice:

"Better to remain silent and thought a fool then to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

Now if you have something constructive to add to the discussion ...

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