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Journal Ungrounded Lightning's Journal: Hollywood vs. Sealand 3

In a slashdot posting titled "Hollywood vs. Sealand" on April 2 2007, I:
  - Made a movie proposal,
  - Asserted copyright,
  - Offered to license it,
  - Threatened possible infringement suits if such a movie is made sans license, and
  - Directed anyone wishing to license it to contact me by leaving a message in my journal. B-)

This journal entry is to receive such messages.

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Hollywood vs. Sealand

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  • You cannot copyright ideas.
    • by RM6f9 (825298) *
      Actually, by writing it down and publishing it publically available, it IS copyrighted - what I'm hoping you meant is that *registering* the copyright with the appropriate Government agency is rather more involved.

      Personally, I'd like to see the project picked up by Michael Moore so he could "tragically" perish during the film's final scene, something about he and his cameras going in too close behind the mop up operation, only to find the entirety of Sealand rig
      • No. This particular expression of the idea is copyrighted, but it required no particular assertion to do that. The copyright came into being automatically as soon as the post was made. But he cannot copyright the plot itself. In other words, copyright or not, anyone can take that idea and write a script based on it.

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