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Comment: Relax (Score 0) 433

by UneducatedSixpack (#45663831) Attached to: Simulations Back Up Theory That Universe Is a Hologram
You are having typical type mismatch and buffer overflow. Relax. My brain fried when I heard about quantum theory. I do not try to understand physics anymore. Somebody will find a way to test all these crazy theories one day. Then we will live in a parallel universe and real estate on earth will be really cheap.

Comment: Re: NOT posted as AC. (Score 0) 603

by UneducatedSixpack (#45328515) Attached to: TSA Union Calls For Armed Guards At Every Checkpoint

Most sane people do not feel safe with roaming machine-gun-toting civilians in any venue neither.

OTOH, there hasn't been a single crime committed with a lawfully-owned civilian machine gun (or other automatic firearm) since 1934.

There has not been a single crime committed with a lawfully-owned civilian nuclear device either.

Comment: Spec is more than 33K pages (Score 0) 501

by UneducatedSixpack (#45124971) Attached to: Lessons From the Fiasco
According to washington post “Obamacare is fully implemented January 1st, even though the regulations haven’t been written yet. And Brian, we’ve got 33,000 pages of regulations that they’ve already written. If we stacked it up here, it would be seven feet tall.” No wonder it costs a lot to implement. I've seen software with much smaller specs being late and over budget. This should be the warning for our lovely legislators. Every page could be the cause of bugs and delays. Better yet maybe legislators should go and code this crap themselves? When you write 33K pages of crap then you can read them all and implement everything. In assembly please.

Human resources are human first, and resources second. -- J. Garbers