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+ - Zoomify Hacked, da VInci's Judas Released 1gigapxl-> 1

Submitted by Under_score+1
Under_score+1 (1610199) writes "About two days ago an outfit dubbed "zoomready" released two small pieces of the Last Supper on torrent sites. No big deal. Now they have upped the stakes- and theoretically deconstructed the popular zooming applet zoomify. From what it appears took a 16 gigapixel picture of Leonardo's famous work in Milan, Italy, and posted it online in their own tricked out zoomify applet. Somehow "all" of the roughly 250,000 tiles, measuring 256 pixels each were acquired, possibly de-watermarked(the samples on the site reveal no watermark or artifacting I can see), and seamlessly stitched together in the correct order to produce a massive multi-billion pixel copy of the source. A torrent of a significant portion of that source measuring 46"x92" including Judas, Peter, and John is on as the first result for the search "da Vinci." With 30 peers right now it will only be a day or so before I'm taking this down to the university to have printed at 44" wide. What I wonder is how the Italian ministry of Art and Culture feels about this, or if they care; the picture was taken in conjunction with them, and the painting itself is not exactly open to the public to see. The legality of sequestering a public domain image that's knowingly being given away is sure to be brought up at some point if these guys go through with making full size reproductions and touring them in the US, which, word on the street is, is the plan."
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+ - You're Part Caveman, Say Scientists->

Submitted by Velcroman1
Velcroman1 (1667895) writes "Many of us are part caveman, according to an analysis of Neanderthal genes sequenced for the first time in a recent study. "The Neanderthals are not totally extinct," said study leader Svante Paabo of the Max-Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany. "In some of us they live on a little bit." In fact, between 1 percent and 4 percent of some modern humans' DNA came from Neanderthals, who lived between about 130,000 and 30,000 years ago, the researchers report."
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Comment: Stress (Score 1) 1124

by Under_score+1 (#29520009) Attached to: Firefox To Replace Menus With Office Ribbon
Anything and everything that can be done to reduce user stress and increase user experience should be done. Old School menu bars and the xerox way of thinking is outdated and underachieved. New ways to navigate controls without disrupting your work flow should be implemented. Than advanced functionality should be build on that.

Comment: Submersion (Score 1, Interesting) 86

by Under_score+1 (#29512551) Attached to: Using a Treadmill and Wiimotes To Run and Fly in <em>Aion</em>
What if you could gain status in the game through how much actual work you had put in. Or by how complex or consistant your wii weapon move pattern moves were? Ultimatley we're all striving to be the ultimate gamer, and to acknowledge the gamer who's proven to have put in the most effort. What if our virtual adversaries could actually teach us (inadvertantly) to chanel healing energies through our desires to participate in legendary battles. It's a start at least- getting some movement on.

"I may kid around about drugs, but really, I take them seriously." - Doctor Graper