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Comment Re:Only one issue? (Score 1) 119

The more important question... what happens when he can't get his law passed? It would never get through Congress. Even if he found some miraculous way to get it through Congress that would probably take an entire term. What else is he going to do in that time? It seems like it would be a better move for him to work as an advisor to someone like Sanders instead, who also wants to address the problem of money in politics.

Comment Re:Funny (Score 1) 142

I've always said that if a guy's talents are worth importing, then it's worth importing that guy as an EQUAL.

The H1B program is not for hiring equals. It is for hiring people that are BETTER, because even when you offered infinity billion dollars as a salary, you were unable to find an American to do the job. It was never meant to hire people to do a job that any of 100,000 unemployed tech workers could easily do.

That's how it was sold, but not what it was meant for.

Comment Re:Water for people (Score 2) 599

So your logic is that transporting the water from a place where water is more abundant is "taking the water from others" and you're proposing those people should just move to said location where the water is? If the same people are going to be using the water one way or another why does it matter how far they are from the water source? Should we have more farms in LA so we don't have to "take" beef from other people? Build a power plant in each city so we don't have to "take" power from other people?

Comment Re:Downloading MP3s FTW! (Score 1) 244

I'm kind of disappointed sites like bandcamp aren't more popular. Most of the money goes directly to the artist (not sure how much they take) and I get to download the music in FLAC, mp3, or a number of other formats. And the artist can set a minimum price and let the customer pay more if they want. I only found a couple of artists on there I was interested and they each only had 1 album available.

Comment The slide about jobs-students gap... (Score 1) 165

So the link in the summary: has a line that says "Jobs-students gap = $500b over 10 years". What exactly do they mean by this? That the increased wages over 10 years will cost them $500b unless they find a way to suppress them? Or are they claiming it is some sort of lost productivity cost?

Comment Re:Are things back to normal now? (Score 1) 271

I'm guessing that Capitol Security made a (proper) judgement call that it was safer to let him make a controlled landing instead of shooting him down and having fragments rain down.

That and they were warned multiple times by different people that he was going to do this. He stated his intentions on the internet before doing it and some of the journalists watching called it in about a half an hour before he landed. I read this in an article on my phone so I don't have the link anymore unfortunately.

Comment So let's be clear here... (Score 1) 294

When people are randomly selected for groping it's ok, but when someone is actually choosing who gets groped it's not ok and that person needs to be fired? What if the groping was equal to standard gropings? Could we use a pseudorandom number generator for extra screening or must it be truly random?

Someone should teach these guys it's not the selection process that makes it sexual assault.

Comment Re:Marijuana's capacity to REVEAL TRUTH (Score 2) 291

I think you're kind of missing the point. It's all about perspective.

Yes, and the one above regarding firearms and vehicles was flawed. Deeply so. Did you miss that point? Did you not grasp it? Was it unclearly expressed? If so, let me emphasize it, the point I was making in regards to the above post by jittles was a deeply flawed and distorted perspective that served little purpose beyond confusing the issue.

Guns, which are designed to kill, do so much less often than accidental deaths from a tool people use every day.

Now you see the point being missed, right? That people use cars every day, far more so than the usage of guns, the exposure is far greater, but the only number you, and the above poster, seem to care about, is the raw number.

Do you not see why that's a flawed perspective?

No I'm afraid it's you who is still missing the point. But given the rest of your rant I'm not surprised.

Speaking of police shootings, I saw where several countries besides the US, had considerably lower rates of police shootings. Namely that the whole country had fewer shootings than some departments in the US have had, and no, I'm not talking countries like Andorra and San Marino, but Germany, Japan, the UK, and others, and no, I'm not talking about single incidents, but over a period of time.

Let's not factor them out, but seriously discuss the issue of police violence in the US.

Yes, we do have a problem with police shootings. But it's completely irrelevant to a discussion about allowing civilians to own guns. Just like how a police officer shooting someone trying to stab him with a knife being included with random school shootings creates misleading statistics about gun violence.

We could also discuss the gang violence if you wanted, and the countries where the homicide rate from such is far lower, but then we might as well discuss where gang violence comes from, but that's probably a verboten topic, as too many people would have to give up their sacred cows. And before you come back with any rejoinders, realize that may apply to any you offer.

Again, gang violence is also an issue. But it's a cultural issue and it is isolated to certain areas. And it tends to happen between gang members. I would be interested to see how much it skews gun violence numbers so we could get a better picture of the danger of guns to the rest of society.

Thanks for the rant though. I don't know why I'm even bothering to reply to an AC.

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