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Comment Re:If you did not pay for the product, you are one (Score 1) 578

Here's the thing...

You're in a community that is long steeped in appreciation of Linux and does not view command line interaction as masochism. Hell, most of the Windows professionals here probably spend a great deal of their time in Powershell or Putty sessions.

There's also a certain amount of joy in bashing Windows. Because, well... dealing with it in the past has been a pain point for many. And, it's fun. Sort of like that kid in school that just didn't get that they harder they tried to be cool, the more awkward they became.

Ultimately, your condescending impression of a neck beard will not magically sway anyone's opinion. It will accent your slicked back hair and Duran Duran shirt, though.

Comment Re:I'm one-handed... (Score 1) 240

I actually am due to a birth defect. Left hand is fine, right is missing at the wrist but has a partial digit.

I learned to type in the mid-80's (Apple II at home) and wound up taking a typing class in high school for some reason. I was averaging 90 wpm with high accuracy, left hand stationed at the home keys, right all over the place to make up for the missing fingers. My poor typing instructor had no idea of what to do except give me an A...

As for split keyboards, they break my rhythm. My left hand occasionally extends to the first column of the right side to pick up extra keys if my right hand has moved to over to the edge of the keyboard.

Comment Another downsizer... (Score 1) 287

Where I once had a rotation of 1 or 2u racks, I now have a couple of i7 Mac Minis (with several external dual drive LaCie's in mirrored mode) running VMWare.

As I traded my consulting gig for straight employment a few years ago, I'm housing far less data, too... Nas4Free for files/media, VPN for when I'm at work (which is funny, because as soon as I'm home I VPN into work...), MySQL, GLPi and Calibre.

Other than that, I've got my workstation (probably my last custom build....) in my home office, a couple of Pi's running XBMC and my ever present MacBook Air.

Comment Re:surprisingly useful. Never booted to Linux (Score 1) 68

Depends on the framework... we use Brainhoney which integrates pretty well with Google Docs; which is fortunate for us as we're rolling out a pretty extensive 1:1 Chromebook initiative this year.

Don't take that as a rebuttal to your point, though -- we lucked out, truth be told. It's not as if we planned that to begin with, it was merely a happy coincidence.

As a result, we're modeling our blended learning programs around the idea of the Chromebook/Google Drive as a tool to collect and prepare content and our labs as a place to create the final presentation: Content is prepared on the go and assembled (if need be) in a lab. Of course, the side effect to all this is transitioning to a Google district (zero to ~50k accounts over the last week) and the sanity of that is up for debate.

It's also meant a myriad of third party solutions to be brought in... Gaggle (email and document discovery), Hapara (teacher dashboard), integration with our SIS, synchronizing AD with Google for accounts and passwords... all so we can transition from cheap laptops/netbooks to cheaper Chromebooks.

Sorry, rambling. Early morning coffee... I now live, breathe and eat Google. Quite a change from the last few years of iPads (and, in certain ways, welcome -- at least there are real tools available for management!).

Best of luck to your daughter. Stay involved; the whole on online learning game is a new one.

Comment Re:I'll believe it when I see it (Score 1) 252

No, you don't.

I've created thousands of iTunes accounts and I just bashed out 70 Monday morning (I'm an Apple sysadmin with over 4 thousand iPads in a large school district, no underlings, minions or temps at my disposal. How I wish Apple would allow for a simple .csv import to create accounts...).

You don't even need to specify a "free" account as it now defaults that way -- as long as you begin the process by "buying" a free app. All you need is an email address to receive the verification email.

My workflow starts with iBooks. It's free, so the follow up "payment options" is defaulted to "None" when building the account itself.

Comment Re:Damn (Score 1) 198

Ben Croshaw (aka Yahtzee of Zero Punctuation) also does an admirable job; to the point of questioning how video games can achieve the status of art when so many AAA producers refuse to break away from bad television cliches.

Back on topic, never having known the man (Roger Ebert, that is), I'm still saddened by his passing. He was a standard in his field -- and always appeared to approach his task with professionalism and genuine integrity. Regardless of whether I agreed or disagreed with his final view, I managed to respect him for his efforts.

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