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Comment: Re:October? (Score 1) 545

by Uncle Kadigan (#18721409) Attached to: Apple Delays Leopard to October
...continue to add value for owners of older Apple hardware going all the way back to the first iMac with a Firewire port (1999, that's eight years of Mac models that are officially supported by Apple's most current OS right now).

Heck, it's even better than that. You can install Tiger on an original 233MHz iMac from 1998 and it'll run just fine, thank you. Well, sure, it's a bit sluggish, but it all works. The trick is just to load the OS on an appropriate HDD while it's in a supported Mac, then physically install the HDD into the iMac. No need for monkeying around with XPostFacto (though that is a pretty useful tool if you need OS X on Old World Macs).

As soon as I get a copy of Leopard, I'm going to see if this method still works for unsupported systems like the tray-loading iMacs and B&W G3s. Betcha a nickel it will.

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