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Comment Re:Translation? (Score 1) 182 182

I'm assuming that there will be no active investigation of GitHub unless Horvath files a lawsuit. To me, I'm curious about the liability of the company because of TPW's wife's actions (IF TRUE). From :

"She says that the wife of the founder continued to show up at the office, sit next to her and “glare” at her for extended periods of time “as if trying to provoke a reaction.”


"HR eventually asked the wife to not be on the same floor as Horvath. But according to Horvath’s recount, “she continued to find her way in and plant herself right next to wherever I was working.” This continued until her exit from the firm this past Thursday."

Private conversations are going to come down to she-said-she-said, but what about this psycho behavior? GitHub has to be at fault for SOMETHING here...

Comment Re:If I were him (Score 1) 182 182

Actually, I was thinking the opposite:

If I were NOT him, how could I parlay this into something worth my while? Grant an exclusive interview for $100k stating beforehand that I am NOT him so there are no misconceptions? Pose in Playgirl? What? He might as well try to turn lemons into lemonade...

Comment Re:The unseen enemy (Score 0) 510 510

"We" voted for her because the alternative was...well...less savory. You can be sure that her support of NSA will be an issue the next time she comes up for re-election, and hopefully, a real Democrat challenger will emerge. But know this--if she withstands the challenge, "we" will be hard-pressed to vote for her Republican challenger...

Does that answer your rocks-glass-houses question?

Comment Korean Aviation Culture (Score 1) 213 213

I have to admit that when I first heard about the crash, Gladwell's work came to my mind concerning Korean aviation culture. This train of thought was repeated over and over again on Twitter. This article talks about the past and present Korean aviation culture with respect to safety, and I think the writer is objective and reputable.

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