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+ - Blockchain: It's like having a casino in your wallet->

Submitted by UnanimousCoward
UnanimousCoward (9841) writes "Blockchain is a bitcoin wallet that allows extremely easy transfer of bitcoins via iOS and Android apps. In addition, you can bet bitcoins DIRECTLY on the Blockchain website on the "Send Money" tab (you need to have an account to see it) via SatoshiDice!!! As a buddy of mine said, 'It's like having a casino in your wallet.' It's really the wild, wild west in bitcoin land..."
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+ - Cisco to Buy Meraki for $1.2B->

Submitted by UnanimousCoward
UnanimousCoward (9841) writes "Several outlets are reporting Cisco's intent to acquire Meraki for $1.B. I know we (/. community) are not a news feed, but I thought this story was interesting with respect to what had previously been submitted to /. concerning the company:"
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+ - Ararvind, Seva, and Steve Jobs

Submitted by UnanimousCoward
UnanimousCoward (9841) writes "A colleague of mine will be participating in a month-long design charrette out of Pondicherry for Aravind. The connection is through Seva. Interestingly, Seva got its start in part by a $5k donation from Steve Jobs...when he was working out of his garage. Love him or hate him (disclaimer: fanboi here), his vision extends beyond i-whatever."

+ - Sloan Prize-winner "Another Earth" released->

Submitted by UnanimousCoward
UnanimousCoward (9841) writes ""Another Earth" was released to the general public this weekend. While it has been bashed as being scientifically inconsistent, I find the story so compelling and provocative that I can dismiss these inconsistencies (if push comes to shove, I can probably find a way to explain said inconsistencies). The acting and humanity exhibited in this film is just too strong--isn't that what sci-fi is really about?"
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+ - How to Optimize a 5000-to-1 VCU Bet?->

Submitted by UnanimousCoward
UnanimousCoward (9841) writes "I know this is /., and that the phrase "March Madness" and the reference to the publication USA Today give my submission a snowball's chance in hell to get posted, but here goes :-) Somebody put a $10 bet on VCU at 5,000-to-1 to win the NCAA basketball tournament and is now 2 wins away from a $50k payday. How should that person best hedge the bet now?
  • VCU is favored against Butler in the next game. Should that person make a spread (-2.5) or moneyline (140/-120) bet, and how much?
  • If VCU beats Butler, then what hedge should be made in the Finals? I'm assuming it depends on the odds (of course) and the previous hedge (???).

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+ - Exhausted Chinese tech factory workers->

Submitted by UnanimousCoward
UnanimousCoward (9841) writes "I know this submission will come off as Microsoft-bashing, but I doubt Microsoft is the only high-tech company with these kinds of connections. The Daily Mail has an article describing Chinese factory worker conditions at a shop that makes products for Microsoft along with a damning photo."
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+ - Flickr: pr0n or free speech?->

Submitted by UnanimousCoward
UnanimousCoward (9841) writes "Yahoo! publicizes the safety features of Flickr, but as this article points out, adult content is accessible to all. The article quotes a Yahoo spokesman who outlines the safety of Flickr, but the telling disclaimer comes at the end:

It’s worth pointing out that our terms of service make it clear that users will find a broad range of content on Yahoo!, and the responsibility for what children may see rests with their guardian. Term Number 3 states: Please remember that the Services are designed to appeal to a broad audience. Accordingly, as the legal guardian, it is your responsibility to determine whether any of the Services and/or Content are appropriate for your child.

This issue is of particular interest to me because I recently had my Flickr coverflow iPhone app, iFOTOFLO, initially rejected because of 'inappropriate content," but when I replied to the rejection...

My application uses the Flickr API, and since your feedback/rejection, I have set the Flickr search parameters to reflect the safest search possible (safe_search=1). Please re-review my application. Note that if this filter is not sufficient for Apple, then I would argue that all Flickr-related search apps should be removed from the App Store. I would also like to point out that my previous Flickr-related app, iFOTOMO, was rejected with more-graphic examples, but that I was encouraged to resubmit when the 3.0 Parental Controls were implemented. I subsequently re-submitted that application under 3.0, and it was accepted.

...Apple approved my app the next day. Based on the article above (and the Most Recent/Most Viewed searches that you can see on the app), perhaps Apple shouldn't have been so quick to approve it, even under the 12+ rating..."
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