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Comment Re:Cool! How do they feel in your hand ? (Score 1) 437

What size are they...

Oh, what's that ?

You can't ?

While this ATM doesn't dispense them there are physical Bitcoins you could carry on your persons,

So long as they can be kept physically secure in the machine there is nothing to stop future BitCoin ATMs from being able to dispense said coins.

Comment Re:What's with all the hostility? (Score 1) 437

And in the end, when I want to sell WoW weapons, buy webserver space, or play a few games of poker online, why would I use gold, credit card or paypal, which all require me to remember log-in creditials, give away information and/or pay a bunch of third party fees.

In the United States banks were ordered to block these transactions under the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 ( ), though there are some poker sites that continue to accept US players following Black Friday.

For BitCoin poker (available in the US) runs exclusively on BTC deposits and withdrawals while SwitchPoker (US players not accepted) takes it as a deposit method and then converts it to fiat. Another site, InfinityPoker, which has been in beta for close to 6 months plans to also be available to US players and will accept BTC as a deposit method and convert it to fiat (and back to BTC when you withdraw).


Scientists Give NASA Planetary Marching Orders 145

coondoggie writes "The community and team of scientists that help NASA prioritize space missions has come out with its exploration recommendations for the next decade: get to Mars, explore one of Jupiter's moons and study Uranus. From the report: 'The gas giants Jupiter and Saturn have been extensively studied by the Galileo and Cassini missions, respectively. But Uranus and Neptune represent a wholly distinct class of planet. While Jupiter and Saturn are made mostly of hydrogen, Uranus and Neptune have much smaller hydrogen envelopes. The bulk composition of these planets is dominated instead by heavier elements; oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur are the likely candidates. What little we know about the internal structure and composition of these "ice giant" planets comes from the brief flybys of Voyager 2. So the ice giants are one of the great remaining unknowns in the solar system: the only class of planet that has never been explored in detail.'"

Comment Re:X-Ray Detector T-Shirts? (Score 5, Interesting) 386

You know those WiFi-sensitive T-Shirts from ThinkGeek? Maybe it's time for something that responds to X-radiation...

New Clothing Line Reminds TSA of the 4th Amendment -

Not thrilled with the Transportation Security Administration's new touchy-feely pat down techniques and full-body scanners? Now there's a line of underclothes that offer a friendly reminder of the Fourth Amendment during controversial searches.

It's called 4th Amendment Wear.

Metallic ink printed on shirts spells out the privacy rights stated in the amendment and is designed to appear in TSA scanners.

Comment Re:Small government? (Score 1) 164

NH has two large airports (Manchester and Portsmouth [and several smaller ones]), a power plant (Seabrook), and is not likely to be attacked on it's on if it adopts a foreign policy of non-interventionism and free trade (you know, like America was INTENDED to) - in addition we see $0.71 worth of services for every dollar we ship to DC, 47th out of 50 in the country (source: Federal Spending Received Per Dollar of Taxes Paid by State, 2005 - - we no longer need the federal government and would do better on our own.

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