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Comment: My solution to this: (Score 1) 720

by Zutfen (#48489453) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Making a 'Wife Friendly' Gaming PC?
Steam in-home streaming. I use this every day.

My gaming rig is in the basement hooked up to the gigabit LAN port of my wireless AC router. My thin, light, cool and quiet laptop is now my gaming rig right on the couch while we watch TV or whatnot.

In the same vein, if my kids want to play a game I have a cheap, quiet small form factor PC hooked up to the TV with some 360 controllers plugged into it, same deal. Stream away. No noise, no heat, and the gaming rig stays nice and cool (and comparatively dust-free in the unfinished portion of my basement.

Worth a look, especially since you mentioned you're a Steam user already.

Comment: Re:Hmmmmmmmmm (Score 2) 136

by takeya (#44201437) Attached to: LXDE Previews Port From Gtk+ 2 to Qt

I was in the same boat but I finally adopted VLC as my media player and it depends on the basic Qt libraries. It is so much faster to start and uses the least memory of any video player, for GTK+ or Qt. It really proves to me that Qt code can run just as fast as GTK code, even on a primarily GTK machine.

Also bear in mind that LXDE has not yet announced any plans to drop GTK support, but GTK3 team has been openly dismissive of anyone not developing for Gnome in specific, so it may be inevitable.

Comment: Re:Cool! How do they feel in your hand ? (Score 1) 437

by UnCivil Liberty (#43001785) Attached to: World's First Bitcoin ATM

What size are they...

Oh, what's that ?

You can't ?

While this ATM doesn't dispense them there are physical Bitcoins you could carry on your persons, https://www.casascius.com/

So long as they can be kept physically secure in the machine there is nothing to stop future BitCoin ATMs from being able to dispense said coins.

Comment: Re:What's with all the hostility? (Score 1) 437

by UnCivil Liberty (#43001777) Attached to: World's First Bitcoin ATM

And in the end, when I want to sell WoW weapons, buy webserver space, or play a few games of poker online, why would I use gold, credit card or paypal, which all require me to remember log-in creditials, give away information and/or pay a bunch of third party fees.

In the United States banks were ordered to block these transactions under the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unlawful_Internet_Gambling_Enforcement_Act_of_2006 ), though there are some poker sites that continue to accept US players following Black Friday.

For BitCoin poker SealsWithClubs.eu (available in the US) runs exclusively on BTC deposits and withdrawals while SwitchPoker (US players not accepted) takes it as a deposit method and then converts it to fiat. Another site, InfinityPoker, which has been in beta for close to 6 months plans to also be available to US players and will accept BTC as a deposit method and convert it to fiat (and back to BTC when you withdraw).

Comment: Re:And your point is? (Score 4, Informative) 627

I wrote back and they replied insisting that the $50k was a firm number. I had forgotten too that they had approached me about buying advertizing from them several weeks ago and I rejected them because although Boston is the major DMA, my campaign can't afford to pay to broadcast to 5million who are not in my district.

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