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Comment: Thought Experiment (Score 4, Insightful) 32

by Ukab the Great (#49453441) Attached to: Stars Form Near Milky Way's Supermassive Black Hole

Scientists used to believe that no life would exist at the bottom of the sea around hydrothermal vents do to the kack of light, high heat, and toxic chemicals. Then they visited the hydrothermal vents in subs and found them teeming with all sorts of crazy life, violating their expectations in the most extreme way possible. Perhaps the same holds true for planets near supermassive black holes. And that that's where most of the life is in the galaxy. And that Earth is a bunch of intra-galactic hicks living out in the sticks. Which is why we haven't found any evidence of extra-terrestrial life yet.

Comment: Side effects (Score 1) 81

May include one or more of the following:
-- sleeping 20 hours or more daily
-- hydrophobia
-- sudden violent disposition to pieces of string
-- self-licking of genitals
-- tuna addiction
-- sudden urges to defecate in your neighbors kid's sandox
-- sexual activity lasting 60 seconds or less
-- trying to gain the affections of friends and loved ones by bringing them dead rodents

365 Days of drinking Lo-Cal beer. = 1 Lite-year