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Submission + - Dattebayo Staff Arrested at Otakon 1

Ub3rT3Rr0R1St writes: On July 21st, the five Dattebayo staff members who were preparing for their panel at the Baltimore Convention Center were "arrested by four uniformed police officers, along with the legal counsel of a complaintent company."

Many recognize the Dattebayo staff for providing free subs in various languages for some of today's popular anime shows, and also providing translation services for profit through their website, This led to the arrest, as they were being charged with "illegal reproduction of copyrighted works". That is as much as the authorities would reveal.

The staff has been updating this situation through their "Press Releases" section. The most notable update of which being the death of one of the newer Dattebayo staff members, David Pryor, a.k.a ImpSyn, caused by a gunshot injury inflicted by a police officer during an execution of a search and seizure warrant.
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Submission + - Should Puerto Rico become a US state? 2

Ub3rT3Rr0R1St writes: "Ever since Puerto Rico became annexed to the United States as a neo colony, many have debated over whether or not the small island in the Caribbean should become an official state, or whether it should gain its independence as its counterpart Cuba did, after being freed from Spanish rule.

Currently, Puerto Rico stands under the title 'ELA' or 'Estado Libre Asociado', which basically sets it apart as a sort of Commonwealth, but more literally translated means: State free from Association. Some speculate that the US has chosen to maintain this limbo due to the import taxing on products shipped into Puerto Rico, among other resources that can be sapped, which remain, for the most part, unclear."

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