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Comment Re:Want big Hollywood movies? Eliminate Hollywood (Score 2) 137

This is the attitude I don't understand.

If you don't like big-budget Hollywood movies and prefer independent films, that's cool. You can watch plenty of independent films online and offline. I take a similar tack with software - I don't care for how Microsoft treats their customers, so I don't use their software. I've been using open source for decades.

What makes no sense is "I love $200 million cinema spectaculars so much, I'll steal them to make it more difficult to fund the next one."

Ah, isn't it the same hollywood who bribes legislators to extend copyright to 70+ years after death and penalty for copyright violation to worse than assault? Does that seem like good ethical behavior to you?

I say fuck hollywood. They turn our government against us, so I do whatever I can to hurt them financially. It probably doesn't make any difference, but those crooks deserve no sympathy.

Comment Maybe a little overreaction? (Score 4, Interesting) 150

It's hard to conclude from a 3% drop from 70% to 67% that internet freedom is getting dissolved. Specifically, there's no mention of any particular freedom that is less doable today than it was in the past. So what is the article about? According to the article, there is decreasing home broadband and increasing wireless. One could argue that instead of "walls closing in", it's actually that wireless broadband has become cheaper. For many non-techies, 1-2 GB/mo wireless data gets them all the emails and web surfing they occasionally need.

Obviously it doesn't apply to the crowd here. I myself have a 50/50 mbps Fios.

Comment Woooo (Score 1) 90


Seriously, that's such great news to see a city adapt municipal broadband. So far it had only been small towns like Wilson NC or Chattanooga TN. It is a big commitment when done right it's great for the residents of that town/city.

Comment Re: So... (Score 2) 556

I'm no fan of islam. Your proposal to ban a million muslims to prevent one extremist from entering the country, would be short sighted but atleast fair if it applied to all religions. i.e. Ban christians from entering the country on the basis of the planned parenthood shooter. But since it doesn't, it's probably bigotry.

Comment Re:stupid (Score 1) 305

The concept is nice, but test results from physical exam to lab results go to the doctor not the pharmacist. Same goes with your whole chart. So who is in the best position of making the decision? Do we need pharmacists to do physical exams and check blood pressures? That may be ok, but how good is a pharmacists assessing parkinson's disease response to therapy?

Like I said, easier said than done.

Comment Re:iPad pro (Score 4, Insightful) 193

^^I second that. Apple's walled garden 1) Just works (97-99% of time) 2) Keeps malware and viruses out 3) They can always take it to Apple Store for support (and those guys tend to be honest - because Apple manages its public image well). I am an electrical/computer engineer and converted my folks to iPad/Macbook. I get a call about once a year (last year it was about how to do some Word formatting). No more complaints of junk toolbars, pop ups, weather bugs, wireless not working, etc.

Comment Re:Billionaire Donors... So what?! (Score 1) 370

What is there that compels anybody to vote for their spoon fed candidates?? Where is the gun? This is all nothing but blame passing.

Where do you get your information about candidates from? TV Channels? Newspapers? Online websites? Radio?

All forms of media are corporations that depend on varying degrees between ad revenue and subscriptions. Is it plausible that a corporation may not want to upset a candidate due to risk of ad revenue loss, either directly from the candidate's campaign or other organizations that indirectly support the candidate (see Citizens United)?

Is this not a corrupting influence of money on elections?

Comment Not a good move (Score 2) 134

"We have a complicated relationship to it. We believe in net neutrality in America," said Gayle Karen Young, chief culture and talent officer at the Wikimedia Foundation. But, Young added, offering Wikipedia Zero requires a different perspective elsewhere. "Partnering with telecom companies in the near term, it blurs the net neutrality line in those areas. It fulfills our overall mission, though, which is providing free knowledge."

Wikipedia supports net neutrality in US, if you RTFA. Just not in other places around the world if they can get exemption from data caps. It implies that they are single mindedly pursuing the goal of making their information available with lack of concern for what fundamental principles they are supporting or opposing.

I'm an annual donor to Wikipedia because I want to support their work. But this "me first, fuck everyone else" mentality has to go. If you want to reap benefits of a civilized society, you need to have civilization including rules that treat everyone fairly all the time, not just when it benefits them.

So, for me, this year I may pass on them and give the money set aside to another organization that perhaps pursues the public good a bit less recklessly.

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