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Comment: Re:Wait, what? (Score 1) 423

by UKRevenant (#28926733) Attached to: Microsoft Drops Windows 7 E Editions
HP and Lenovo already ship systems with Firefox pre-installed. I have not yet seen it defaulted to Firefox, but the time will come! after the making it (or another) default it would not be a surprise to see IE excluded. Having said that, I just installed IE8, my first impressions are: 1. WTF! who changed my default browser without asking me? (Obviously, MS as part of the install) 2. Opens a new tab if I type in the address I want to go to, I wont use IE much, but I like to open tabs or windows when I want. I may have to look and see if/how to change the default tab operation.

Comment: Re:Why would they expect Gates Foundation funding? (Score 1) 234

by UKRevenant (#23433906) Attached to: Bletchley Park Facing Financial Ruin
It strikes me that they have 3 years of funding in place, which simply means 3 years to get visitor numbers up to a sustainable level. How do you get coverage on as many channels as possible to advertise your attraction without paying a penny? Is there any way to get a message out that Bletchley Park is open for visitors to see a working recreation of a colossus computer? Oh hang on a minute, maybe spread some news of impending doom and see how many people report on it. This is multi-level marketing, firstly to the general populous "Hey We're here!" and also to the myriad of funding bodies "We have important things here to protect and show the world". I hope if generates a nice boost in their revenue as I for one would be sad to see the collection dispersed to other sites. These types of site always take time to build critical mass, it is always a race to see if they can before the money runs out. Perhaps they should see about getting regular displays of things like James Bond movie props and other espionage related memorabilia.

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