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Sun Microsystems

Journal: Gentoo Linux on my Sun Ultra 1 Creator

Journal by U.I.D 754625

This was my first venture into Sun territory, and it went well. Gentoo set up really well and I'm very impressed with Sun's OpenBoot software and the architecture of the machine in general. If only x86 PCs hadn't dominated so well.

lightning adam $ cat /proc/cpuinfo
cpu : TI UltraSparc I (SpitFire)
fpu : UltraSparc I integrated FPU
promlib : Version 3 Revision 1
prom : 3.1.2
type : sun4u
ncpus probed : 1
ncpus active : 1
Cpu0Bogo : 333.41
Cpu0ClkTck : 0000000009f437c0
MMU Type : Spitfire

This machine has a 167MHz CPU, 378MB of RAM, 2 4.3 GB SCA-SCSI hard disks, an S-BUS Creater 3D video card, with onboard sound and happy meal 10/100 ethernet.

I also have a SparcStation 10 and some IPCs, I might spend some time trying to get them working just for "geek" sake.


Journal: The Gimp 2.0pre4

Journal by U.I.D 754625
I just compiled and installed the Gimp pre2.0 and wow, this is a really nice piece of software. The GTK2 interface is nice and soft, easy to navigate. Much better than the older GTK1.x interface. I haven't even really explored the new graphic capabilities, but the old version was great, so I know what I can expect. Wonderful job!

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