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He isn't saying that cheating isn't 100% the cheater's fault, just that facilitating it is also bad. See: more chocolate bars in the checkout lanes at grocery stores directly lead to more chocolate bar sales. Is it the grocery store's fault that people buy chocolate bars? Absolutely not. But are they responsible for facilitating and encouraging this practice? Of course

Submission + - Lexus' Hoverboard: What Does Physics Tell Us About It?->

benonemusic writes: Lexus' hoverboard may never become commercially available, but is it scientifically feasible? You'd need to place a superconducting material in a magnetic field powerful enough to support the board and the rider. Steve Gourlay of Lawrence Berkeley Lab's Superconductor Magnet Group provides insights, including the possibility that Lexus put some very strong rare-earth magnets underneath the sidewalk in the video.
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