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Comment Re: Gun-free zone? (Score 2) 1139

The places with the highest rates of gun violence all have bans on guns
    Incorrect. Places like Japan, Australia, Canada, UK, on and on all have strict gun control laws and very low rates of gun violence.

...did you just take the logical inverse of the premise, prove it true, and then claim that proves the premise false? And got +4 insightful?? Come on.

Just because (he claims) most shootings occur in places with high gun control does not imply that all places with high gun control have lots of shootings.

Debate and think what you will, but at least do it properly.

Comment Re:nothing new under the sun (Score 0) 446

He isn't saying that cheating isn't 100% the cheater's fault, just that facilitating it is also bad. See: more chocolate bars in the checkout lanes at grocery stores directly lead to more chocolate bar sales. Is it the grocery store's fault that people buy chocolate bars? Absolutely not. But are they responsible for facilitating and encouraging this practice? Of course

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