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Comment: Re:Opera (Score 1) 366

by Tyrannosaur (#39516167) Attached to: Firefox: In With the New, Out With the Compatibility

I am (you may have seen some of my other posts...) a HUGE fan of Opera. And you are right. (Most) everything is built in. Which makes it super nice, because, as you said, it's the Opera team who are responsible for keeping the "plugins" working. But I think that most of that is that Opera has a nice slow(-ish) release schedule. Opera loads all sorts of cool new stuff into a new version, make sure it works, and release it, and then the other browsers struggle to implement their own versions of said cool new features before Opera does it again. :)

Stinginess with privileges is kindness in disguise. -- Guide to VAX/VMS Security, Sep. 1984