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+ - Lexus' Hoverboard: What Does Physics Tell Us About It?->

benonemusic writes: Lexus' hoverboard may never become commercially available, but is it scientifically feasible? You'd need to place a superconducting material in a magnetic field powerful enough to support the board and the rider. Steve Gourlay of Lawrence Berkeley Lab's Superconductor Magnet Group provides insights, including the possibility that Lexus put some very strong rare-earth magnets underneath the sidewalk in the video.
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Comment: So hey bennet (Score 0) 187 187

To be completely honest I enjoy having an occasional Bennett Haselton submission. (And a quick search through slashdot, they are occasional). I learn a little thing and I think a moderate amount. Which is exactly what I come to slashdot for. If you do ever quit submitting to slashdot I may actually look to see if you have a blog.

I always hate when companies have such glaring security flaws and refuse to do anything about it. They deserve what comes to them I guess...

Comment: Only in one specific case...? (Score 2) 104 104

When the phone tries to update the keyboard, it fails to encrypt the executable file.

So this only happens when I have a keyboard update available and waiting for me? How often does this happen, anyway? To be honest, this is a problem, but not that big of a problem....

Comment: Re:Do you want a diversity hire? (Score 1) 287 287

where everyone is "free" to make such choices, with no peer pressure and no social stereotypes to infer their decisions.

It is going to take a bit of thinking, but that would actually be really terrible if things such as peer pressure and social stereotypes didn't exist. That is literally the definition of culture.

You may want your culture to change, but don't do anything so stupid as to think you want it not to exist, or even that that would be possible.

Comment: Re:rule of thumb: 2 years away (Score 1) 67 67

I don't know why I am replying to an AC troll...

NRAM has the potential to create memory that is vastly more dense that NAND flash, as its transistors can shrink to below 5 nanometers in size, three times more dense than today's densest NAND flash. .

from the article

Each NRAM "cell" or transistor is made up the network of the carbon nanotubes that exist between two metal electrodes. The memory acts the same way as other resistive non-volatile RAM technologies.

If it looks like a transistor, and it acts like a transistor.....

Someone thinks there is only one type of transistor... Transistor Types

Transistors have been redesigned many times. Oh look! It's happened again!
Carbon Nanotube Field-effect Transistor

Unless your argument is that memory isn't an IC?

Comment: rule of thumb: 2 years away (Score 1) 67 67

three times more dense than today's

So according to Moore's law we are about 2 years away from having these in everyday electronics?

Ps /. Mobile is really broken. I had to spoof a desktop browser to post this. Current vrowser: opera mobile 29.0

Comment: Hmm. Sounds suspicious. (Score 1) 1 1

Even if we didn't know that> google already does this all the time, how could this NOT be suspicious that they wouldn't be using all these photos for other purposes? “unlimited, high-quality photos and videos, for free.” Sounds too good to be true... I wonder what their next plan is? Although I guess if someone is already putting their photos all over google+ or drive, they are already being monetized...

Comment: TL;DR (Score 1) 226 226

The article says that things don't actually go faster than c. It is possible in a certain medium (example of water) for things (like electrons) to go faster than light does, but not faster than c.

Not even information can go faster than c, because we haven't discovered quantum entanglement to work that way.

The end. A dumb article; not worth reading.

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