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Comment Re:Probably not enough women and minorities winnin (Score 2) 115

Jews are the only minority that can occupy two spots on the organizational ladder of "oppression", bot the bottom rung as "most oppressed" as well as the top rung "publicly make jokes and articles about running the media and influencing politics." As various SJWs argue over which of them is more oppressed than the next, Jews take an entirely different stance, proving that the ladder is in fact a wheel that we are simply viewing in 2D.

Comment Re:America next? (Score 1) 276

All of this is readily apparent in american forums. Basically say anything that disagrees with the general democrat flow is immediately attacked as racist bigotry and you arent even worthy of working a job, so everyone needs to know how evil you are and you need to get fired and live a poor, destitute life.

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