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Comment Re: I guess if you have IBM stock, time to sell (Score 1) 248

I'm sorry, cut and paste quote? You still assert that only a right wing listener would complain about unions. What reasons were you a union supporter again? Forgive me if I haven't agreed with any of your points, because you haven't given any.

If anything, when you said "Thinking of a union as a for-profit enterprise where the profit comes from worker dues, means you really don't understand unions at all." flies in the face of my time working at a hospital, when the union i was forced to join in spite of voting to join it gladly took my dues, but never lifted a finger to help me when the management underwent a serious shakeup that led to many people being fired and replaced with out of state cronies of a new boss. At least that hospital went down the tubes a few years later.

I know everything I'm saying is anecdotal, but so are most of the modern unionist articles and astroturfed blogs. Maybe some people really have a great time and a union literally saved their life. It's possible. But i'm a person whose crossed paths with many unions across many fields and not once has any of my personal experiences shown me anything good about them. I may be a rare outlier who by sheer chance only happened to see the bad unions, but then... if you know anything about statistics, that'd be the more absurd possibility to assume, wouldnt it?

Comment Re: I guess if you have IBM stock, time to sell (Score 1) 248

I dont listen to right wing anything. I personally saw hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of brand new equipment and supplies walk off job sites and disappear into the ownership of these union companies during the big dig. I saw white envelopes lining people's pockets, and i saw good workers utterly screwed by the unions that they had trusted to look after them. I had no pull to fight it back then, but today I wont stand for it.

It's telling that you must assume nobody could possibly say anything bad about unions unless they subscribe to some OTHER political ideology. I think you're the indoctrinated one.

Comment Re: I guess if you have IBM stock, time to sell (Score 2) 248

Thinking of a modern union as anything else shows that you've been keeping your head in the sand for the last few decades. Ask any union supporter why unions are still relevant and they'll no doubt prattle on about things unions did 100 years ago. Remember that time unions bilked the MA tax payers out of 10 billion dollars in their big dig scam?

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