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by Tyrannicsupremacy (#47751255) Attached to: New Nail Polish Alerts Wearers To Date Rape Drugs
I had a friend who worked in a lab that police/paramedics would send various blood samples to for drug testing. He said that in a 4 year period, out of all the hundreds of date rape drug test requests, 100% percent of them showed nothing but alcohol. He said it was a real eye opener for him, how people (in this case women) underestimate the power and simplicity of alcohol. Drinks can be mixed that almost completely mask the taste of booze. Now I know that this was only in his particular state, and not all states will have the same results, but I still think it's telling over all. Be less worried about pills getting slipped and more wary of the fact that alcohol can completely drop your inhibitions,

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The ones that make you sign up for whatever business partnership network the company is a part of, and then require passwords/login info even more secure than an online banking authentication. As if it wasnt enough of a hassle trying to remember every nationwide site you've made an account on just to apply to their local branch job, now you've got to remember obscure passwords that go beyond your usual low-importance group of repeat passwords. Honestly, is someone REALLY so desperate to get a job that they'd take their chances brute-forcing my password in order to impersonate me just to get their foot in the door for an interview? Being forced to use uppercase, lowercase, AND a symbol that isnt dash, underscore or period is breathtakingly shitty. Especially since the position was just shipping/receiving clerk.

Heisenberg may have been here.