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Comment: Why did he tape off his light switches? (Score 1) 248

by Tyrannicsupremacy (#49050699) Attached to: Smart Homes Often Dumb, Never Simple
If he's such a handy guy, he could've just wirenutted the wires in the boxes and put blank plates over them. simple and neat looking! Also, i replaced my old analogue thermostat with a programmable digital one years ago and havent looked back. Lots of people use them and they are an excellent technology.

Comment: Thank the lawmakers (Score 1) 512

by Tyrannicsupremacy (#48767649) Attached to: Publications Divided On Self-Censorship After Terrorist Attack
It's a good thing that France has such strict gun ownership laws. Those terrorists might have run into difficulty shooting everyone had one of their law-abiding victims been armed! Good lord, could you imagine that happening in Texas? There'd have been at least two old men returning fire in under five seconds.

Comment: Hahahaha, good ol' TempleOS (Score 1) 452

by Tyrannicsupremacy (#48461029) Attached to: The Schizophrenic Programmer Who Built an OS To Talk To God
I've been claiming to use this as my operating system for years. People in tech IRC rooms get pretty frustrated when they think anyone would actually use it. Another of my favorite things to do is to ask people to stop spamming the chat because it's wasting my ink ribbon. People get annoyed when I tell them i use a Teletype 33 for irc.

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