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Comment Re:How to Falsify Evolution (Score 1) 951 951

That's not a transitional fossil.

It has functional, primitive air breathing lungs. Show me a fossil where the lungs have started to develop, but are not functional. There should be many generations where proto limb and organ development would be a significant disadvantage for the organism until by random compounded chance it developed a function.

Comment We shouldn't even be trading with China (Score 1) 167 167

We shouldn't even be trading with China. By doing so we are propping up a repressive regime.

First it was Nixon's ill conceived openess policy with China, then GW allowing them into the WTO.

We would have been better off with India as a manufacturing base.

Comment Looks like SAP tricked another sucker (Score 1) 180 180

Looks like SAP tricked another sucker.

A company I worked at several years ago migrated to SAP. It took several hundred million dollars, 6 years, AND the companies main branch was already using SAP. All to replace an MVS system that cost under $5M a year to run, did more, and was much faster.

SAP is NOT a business application. It's a programming environment where you get to build and customize your own. Then those German Wunderkids break your customizations every time there is an SAP change.

A "good" business software package allows you to customize "it" to match your business processes. Not the other way around as with SAP.

If all German engineering was this good, the Polish cavalry would have chased off the Nazi Blitkrieg.

You will lose an important tape file.