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Comment: Hmm well... (Score 0) 3

by TyrainDreams (#32977378) Attached to: Will you watch Avatar again for 8 extra minutes?

I really liked the movie despite the fact it seemed like everyone had a slashdot style comment about it. I think that some of the theatrical releases of the star wars movies were more fitting than this though. I really don't feel like 8 minutes is grounds for a theatrical re-release however my 13 bucks will still be going to watch it again in 3d...

Comment: Re:Not me but... (Score 0) 1186

by TyrainDreams (#32731562) Attached to: Tattoos For the Math and Science Geek?

I have the standard glider in UV reactive ink on my wrists. So much win that i'm not the only geek with something from Conway's game of life. Mine tie into sleeves i'm getting all in uv ink. one side will be all vines and plants and the other side with be gears and clockwork sort of like my arm is some sort of automata... a contrast thing... has to do with me etc etc...

I feel like a lot of these responses are from the old school crowd... no one just gets random stupid tattoos anymore except random stupid people. If you will end up working somewhere that requires you to not have a bunch of tattoos showing you get them where they wont show in a work environment such as the upper arm or back or you get creative and do your tattoos in uv ink which shows up under only certain lights. Besides in this day and age I doubt anyone is going to assume that you and I are going to start the alife gang and go around on our unusually blocky motorcycles adding molecules to people so that it radically changes the way they move...

Comment: Re:Let it rip... (Score 0) 698

by TyrainDreams (#32246728) Attached to: ACLU Sues To Protect Your Right To Swear

Calm down bud, now tell me my original assessment was incorrect... as upset as you are...

"The best way to deal with people who think that anyone who doesn't halt their life to debate with every person on any subject of disagreement is ignorant and unimaginative is to easily dismiss them vulgarly with or without a threat of violence and let them go on living their life thinking what they would think of you regardless..."

"Seems like the more you say, the deeper the hole you dig for yourself."

I dig no hole sir, you keep making these weird accusations about my logic and things that are occurring due what I'm saying which are clearly not... You repeatedly exercise your 'superior intellect'... but all you manage to do is make little to no sense whatsoever or you get more and more upset... not unlike a little girl...

Show me this solid reasoning I don't really see it... The problem is you think you are correct about your assessment of my joke although it was a joke had it been serious you would still be wrong... you are not right... in fact all these points you make apply only within your mind... words are words and are up to interpretation... human interpretation is always wrong.

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