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Futurama Rumored To Return On Comedy Central 259

Posted by kdawson
from the good-news-everyone dept.
avajcovec points out a brief note on that Comedy Central has ordered 13 new episodes of Futurama. Quoting: "Though still technically a rumor at this point, word is that 'Futurama' production offices have already opened and that casting is about to move forward. This should be a welcome surprise to fans of the show who have already gone through the series' cancellation and resurrection as direct-to-DVD movies."

Paris Hosts the Second Hacker Space Festival 55

Posted by kdawson
from the cette-annee-a-paris dept.
zoobab writes "Hackers from all over Europe will meet at the end of the month (27-30 June) at the second Hacker Space Festival in Paris. The four-day schedule includes conferences and workshops on: Metasploit, HostileWRT, FPGA for beginners, ICT disaster recovery, software patents in Europe, Hadopi, and many other topics. The future of Hacker Spaces will also be debated. The event will be hosted by the first French hackerspace, /tmp/lab, located in an industrial zone on the outskirts of Paris."

Comment: Re:Whiskey? (Score 5, Informative) 448

by TyrWanJo (#25236437) Attached to: Ultrasound Machine Ages Wine
Oxidization is generally pretty bad for most alcoholic drinks (oxidization is the main component in bottle aging in wine, but much of this has to do with the interaction of the oxygen with tannins and other stuff in the wine - The oak or whatever wood being used is porous, and this allows some of the alcohol to evaporate (particularly with distilled stuff, wine doesnt spend as much time in the barrel, so it doesn't lose as much in the way of alcohol) . Good stuff does stay in a cask for a long time for just this reason, not only does it pick up more of the good flavor, but the "angel's share" is greater, which mellows the alcohol. New casks are required in America, where it is law that no barrel be used twice, in Europe however, there is no such law, and barrels are used multiple times because this imparts different flavors, which is how you can get a sherry-wood scotch, its literally a scotch aged in a barrel once used for sherry.

+ - Microsoft MCP Help fails Hotmail Sender ID

Submitted by
ttgapers writes "Well in this day of email spam increasing as well as content filtering increasing, most organizations are utilizing Sender ID to validate where your mail actually came from. It was with amazement when I received an email from Microsoft MCP Help, through Hotmail, that actually failed Sender ID authentication.
Read More: Microsoft MCP Help fails Hotmail Sender ID"

The Unauthorized State-Owned Chinese Disneyland 746

Posted by CowboyNeal
from the just-like-the-real-thing dept.
rmnoon writes "Apparently Japanese TV and bloggers have just discovered Disney's theme park in China, where young children can be part of the Magic Kingdom and interact with their favorite characters (like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and the Seven Dwarfs). The park's slogan is 'Because Disneyland is Too Far,' and there's even an Epcot-like dome. The only problem? Disney didn't build it, and they didn't authorize it. What's more? It's state-owned!"

+ - OLPC pilot project to launch May 10th in Uruguay

Submitted by
Acer500 writes "May 10th will be the date where the One Laptop Per Child pilot project will officialy start in Uruguay, according to uruguayan newspaper "El Pais", the OLPC wiki, and the project's unofficial blog el-lanzamiento-del-primer.html (all resources in Spanish mostly)

Teachers at the rural school in the modest town of Cardal, which will be first in the project, are already being trained. On May 8th a press conference will be held.

There's also an official video on YouTube of the uruguayan OLPC project, named "Proyecto Ceibal" (named after our national flower the Ceibo).

Government's official webpage (not very up to date) 006/12/2006121402.htm

According to an ONG webpage article2856, the OLPC project wasn't the only one considered, Intel and Microsoft offered their alternative, the ClassMate PC, whose main selling point was running Windows XP. The Intel representative also downplayed the OLPCs capabilities comparing it to a "Pentium II, obsolete". After the Cardal pilot project, government-sponsored LATU (Technological laboratories of Uruguay) will evaluate the OLPC and two other competitors, the ClassMate — brochure here hure.pdf (PDF Warning), and Israel's ITP-C s=126

As a Uruguayan, I can only hope that all this competition will result in a good, usable computer for the education of my country's children."

+ - Obama supports Creative Commons

Submitted by
chronus22 writes "You might remember the draconian restrictions NBC placed on excerpts from the Presidential Primary Debates. Shockingly, it looks like a mainstream politician has both heard of and supports Creative Commons licensing. Barack Obama has written a letter to Democratic National Committee Chairman asking for the Democratic presidential debates to be made available under a Creative Commons license. Hopefully some of the other candidates follow his lead in freeing the information."

+ - Mike Gravel: "I would legalize marijuana."

Submitted by had3l
had3l (814482) writes "In an interview on C-SPAN, democratic candidate Mike Gravel stated that he would change the drug policy and legalize marijuana: "Marijuana is a simple one, we legalize it, and you should be able to buy it at a liquor store, just like you buy alcohol". Other candidates have stood up against the present "War on Drugs", but he is the first one to mention legalization."

+ - National ID card "a disaster in the making"

Submitted by
jdp writes "Security experts Richard Forno and Bruce Schneier's CNET column describes Real ID as a disaster in the making, highlighting issues including vulnerability to identity theft from unscrupulous employees, flawed technologies, external compromises or human error; the risks of mission creep ("other homeland security initiatives, such as the Patriot Act, have been used and applied — some say abused — for purposes far removed from anything related to homeland security. How can we ensure the same will not happen with Real ID?"), and the important point about how Real ID makes the people who aren't eligible for it — or live in states that have rejected it into second-class citizens. Several of these points were also brought up at Tuesday's Town Hall meeting and webcast, as well as other concerns from DMV directors and employees, transgender people, seniors, and representatives from Gun Owners of America, American Friends Service Comittee, California Commision on the Status of Women, Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, CDT, and EFF. A coalition of privacy, civil liberties, and consumer groups have launched a campaign to encourage public comments to DHS before the May 8 deadline. One thing to say for Real ID: it's certanly a unifying issue — at least for the opposition."

+ - Hans Risers Wife's Lover

Submitted by WillRobinson
WillRobinson (159226) writes "A former lover of the missing wife of Linux programmer and accused spouse killer Hans Reiser has confessed to killing eight people unrelated to the case, prosecutors informed the defense last week. More about this at The trial starts on Monday."

+ - AT&T Yahoo to spam users once again

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "AT&T Yahoo, having captured and swallowed Pacbell, SBCGlobal, and dozens of other formerly independant ISPs and mail services, announced today after close of business that it will be introducing graphical advertisements in its user's emails. No distinction is made between paid users and free account users, nor between POP/SMTP users vs webmail users. The user agreement and Terms of Service in force with Pacbell and SBCGlobal customers contains language prohibiting theft of bandwidth, and unsolicited commercial email(UCE).

Thu May 03 20:07:49 2007 Notice: AT&T Yahoo! Terms of Service Change
Dear AT&T Yahoo! Member:

AT&T and Yahoo! have a history of providing our members with award-winning, industry-leading Internet products and services at a great value.

As more members are using AT&T Yahoo! Mail to send and receive photos, videos, and music, we will begin offering unlimited email storage in May to both existing and new members. Your service will continue to include all the premium products you already enjoy including video, LAUNCHcast Plus, and an all-in-one security suite.

Additionally, within the next few weeks you will begin seeing graphical advertisements in your AT&T Yahoo! Mail service. These advertisements will be integrated into the AT&T Yahoo! Mail experience, and we hope you will find the advertisements useful. Advertising such as this allows us to continue delivering new and innovative elements to our service and helps us keep prices competitive, while we continue to provide the high level of service that you have come to know and trust.

We strive to provide you with the best online experience possible and to address all your needs on the Internet.


AT&T Yahoo! Member Services

Please do not reply to this message. This is a service email related to your use of AT&T Yahoo!. To learn more about Yahoo!'s or AT&T's use of personal information, including the use of web beacons in HTML-based email, please read each Privacy Policy. Yahoo! is located at 701 First Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94089. AT&T Internet Services is located at 6500 River Place Boulevard, Building III, Austin, TX 78730-1111. RefID: lp-11389916"
Sun Microsystems

+ - "Open Office made me switch to Mac"

Submitted by Gary
Gary (666) writes "Australian software developer news site Builder AU are reporting on National ICT Australia's Professor Gernot Heiser blunt words for the OpenOffice community at OpenCeBIT this week — "If you want to be successful in open source it can't just be a 'me too' product. Anything that's not the best technology will not work ... enterprise is willing to pay for the best. OpenOffice is not the best ..." Has the community been resting on their laurels?"

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