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Comment: Re:Efficiency??? (Score 2, Interesting) 103

by Tyr07 (#48513687) Attached to: Practical Magnetic Levitating Transmission Gear System Loses Its Teeth

The question is, how much force can it handle? Large electro-mags can pick up entire cars. Sure, it's huge, but it's lifting up 2700 lbs+. Also the surface area is large because the objects surface area is large. If a really high powered small electro mag was used, it would just rip out that piece of metal.

How many pounds of force can the small one withstand? It's possible using two small unpowered magnets to easily make one that could crush a hand if a hand was implace and restraints were let go on the mags.

I imagine it could potentially with a little voltage withstand a lot of torque, and limited slip to prevent spin outs, it might be fantastic for rovers.
They're often in lower gravity environments to begin with.

Comment: Re:Burial customs? (Score 2) 244

by Tyr07 (#48473327) Attached to: Health Advisor: Ebola Still Spreading, Worst Outbreak We've Ever Seen

People are calling the comment about burial rituals possibly spreading the disease racist.

You know what brings joy to my heart? That we can label a bacteria or virus racist. The best part, is the virus doesn't give a shit, not one shit. It doesn't care about your political agenda or anything else, or your self entitled right to do whatever you want without consequences.

I hope everyone who considers what was said racist is somewhere with extreme risk of infection based on their practices and the problem takes care of itself.

Comment: Remember the social jocks in high school? (Score 2) 454

by Tyr07 (#48458189) Attached to: Researchers Say the Tech Worker Shortage Doesn't Really Exist

Those kids at school, boys and girls who were socially popular, always trying to stay on top of the social list are the ones who managed to make it into managers by doing the same clicky behavior.

They are also the same people who treated techies / geeks poorly. They are now your bosses. They don't appreciate what you do and just want it done as cheap and disposible as possible for their profits.

Comment: Re:Beware of Gamers (Score 1) 473

by Tyr07 (#48409935) Attached to: Elite: Dangerous Dumps Offline Single-Player

Right, I agree fully with what you said.

I've died in ED, it cost me a few credits. Depending on the mission I take it costs me anywhere from 4 missions worth or 1/20th of a mission.
So as for starting out, the penalties really aren't there that much, much friendlier than say, Eve online which I do not rate as casual.

I assume they scale the higher you get but so does the mission pay. It's enough that I definitely do not /want/ to die, but it didn't upset me either when someone interdicted me and killed me randomly.

Comment: Re:Whoa whoa whoa (Score 1) 642

by Tyr07 (#48409483) Attached to: Sweden Considers Adding "Sexism" Ratings To Video Games

Well specifically I don't know how it would tie into the legend of zelda, there are plenty of games where regardless of male female escaping would be fine.

I mean specifically more than, Gannon is supposed to be defeated. You're not supposed to just escape, or at least in the past.

So maybe if Zelda was imprisoned "someplace" by Gannon or whatever antangonist, then comes after him and defeats him I'd be cool with that.
I just had this concept of Zelda being in the same tower as Gannon and escaping. It just sounded, like running away from Gannon vs wupping his ass. Even if she smashed him on the way out, just the concept on it's own sounds like a rather short quest.

I also don't think an entire game based on being inside gannons castle or whatever would be that exciting. This is all regardless of gender.

Comment: Re:The problem with certifications (Score 1) 276

by Tyr07 (#48409441) Attached to: World's Youngest Microsoft Certificated Professional Is Five Years Old

There is absolutely longer latency using TCP as the process does not proceed forward without receiving the next packet.
We're talking real world, internet, not your private lans or internal corp networks.

You did exactly what I thought you would, you tried to get exceptionally technical with ambiguous technical statements about TCP vs UDP.
You are correct that in an environment with no other traffic, UDP and TCP transmission would not introduce additional latency. I wouldn't want to be hired
by someone who couldn't handle real world concepts, you sound like like potentially a middle manager that has no idea of real world concepts.

So I'll explain it. Why would TCP have a higher latency over the internet? As you don't control the network, you also cannot ensure the quality of the networks you are routed through. This means when packets are dropped, you wait to receive another packet, as it sends the packet again In most voice conversations, this causes a delay as it buffers communications before playing them on your end. E.G receives enough packets.

When using UDP it sends the packets without waiting for an acknowledgement of the receipt of the packets, therefore when transmitting packets and some get lost, you lose a little voice quality or get the odd artifact.

Alternatively, you could use TCP, and adjust the buffers so that it doesn't wait for the person transmitting to stop talking before sending the information. If it all reaches there with no problem, no issue, if packets are dropped a long the way, you will get artifacts and jitter.

So yes, adjusting the buffers makes a difference, but can also increase latency in environments where you do not control the internet and travel fair distances network wise.

So the reality is, you're an idiot that's omitting fine details to try to make yourself look correct. This is akin to someone who preys on those less knowledgeable managers to make their co-workers look bad by spouting information that is correct in specific situations, but doesn't apply to what is actually being discussed.

It's a terrible practice, if you know anything about networking at all or are in a position where you can decide if someone is an expert or not, you would know that the scenarios I've described are accurate.

Obviously your natural defense is a strong offense, point out other peoples flaws and discussed things like trying to distract, which is entirely what you're doing. It's called projecting. If you weren't doing it, you wouldn't have put the first post you did.

Now, I don't need to convince anyone reading it's right, as they know it is, which is why they're not commenting, as they're more mature than I am and I shouldn't have responded in the first place. As for insulting you, well, yes I did. I do apologize for it, but even with that, I'm not removing it from this post either, as you're being an idiot.

Comment: Re:It's a combination of problems (Score 1) 154

by Tyr07 (#48409321) Attached to: For Some Would-Be Google Glass Buyers and Devs, Delays May Mean Giving Up

No, you're right on that I don't think they would have been accepted.

However, now that they are, it's done. It's too late. Being mad at a different device doing it is insanity.

I could understand people who refute all technology that has this behavior, but not when it comes down to the model of the object doing it.

Comment: Re:I paid for beta access, and it was worth it (Score 1) 473

by Tyr07 (#48409231) Attached to: Elite: Dangerous Dumps Offline Single-Player

P.S Eve has in game advertisements but they are theme fit and for eve companies, not real world ads, they felt natural. It wouldn't bother me if it was the same but about a real product. I would ignore it just the same.

Maybe they can add an adblock component to your ship for a subscription :P

Comment: Re:I paid for beta access, and it was worth it (Score 1) 473

by Tyr07 (#48409229) Attached to: Elite: Dangerous Dumps Offline Single-Player

Ironically I don't have a problem with it if it doesn't interfere with gaming and is like a backdrop, a billboard passing by or something, I think it would add to the immersion.

I think if we ever entered the space age to the point we were flying around publicly to stations, we would see advertising go there.

It's probably a better solution for continued development than a subscription model.

Comment: Re:Whoa whoa whoa (Score 1) 642

by Tyr07 (#48409213) Attached to: Sweden Considers Adding "Sexism" Ratings To Video Games

There are so many messages that people are putting out there, do you know the rage if we starting labeling content as man hating, when clearly it's not a feminist that is just fighting for equal rights but actually has a problem with the entire male population regardless?

Maybe on youtube if it's deemed content that is just deterimental to men we flag it 'Man hating content'

Then we can label any women who watches it as man hating. We could do it with games too. Is that right? Just because a women watches it or plays a game labeled with it , does it make them a man hater? I don't think it does, not at all, and I think women would agree with that.

But there's that double standard, if you watch or play content labeled sexist, I promise there are plenty of women who will label you yourself as such.

Comment: Re:Whoa whoa whoa (Score 1) 642

by Tyr07 (#48409195) Attached to: Sweden Considers Adding "Sexism" Ratings To Video Games

I'm worried about it getting out of control.

Let me define my position on this more.

If game developers of their own choice decided Zelda rescued herself (which is boring) but even cooler you play Zelda and rescue link, I'd be all fucking for it, sounds badass, they'll probably do some really neat things with it. I hope they do that actually some point, it would be a really cool twist and Zelda always seems to kind of know what's going on while link is running around figuring it out.

If feminist groups lobby and pressure game developers into designing it that way, I feel their stifling creativeness, and damaging games as we have no idea what cool idea they would have done if they weren't pressured.

The ends don't justify the means?

Let me give you an example - in Dues Ex Human revolution, there was a scene where you are in a shady part of a new city in China, in the slummy area there happens to be a brothel, it adds to the atmosphere of the run down enivronment, chicks had big boobs but whatever, you end up helping one because their 'pimp' is basically trying to force mechanical agumentation on them. So you take care of him.

That can easily be flagged sexist and pressured out of the game, it added to it. It was a minor part of it but it still did.
Now, Malik was the pilot in the game, she was a women, didn't have big boobs and she was awesome. At one part you can either save her from an onslaught, run or even just fail as you take to long. It was a great turning point, the aircraft was shotdown, any pilot would have problems there, man or female.

But, because it's a women, it could get out of hand and be labeled sexist. There ARE feminists out there who would view it that way. (I replayed it like 5 times to save her, OO man saving women, sexist)

It also happens one of the main antangonists, was an agumented female you had to fight, who was badass. Also someone trying to save the world but through control, another main antgonist, was female.

Was the game overly sexist? I don't think so, there were evil women that were badass, good women who were badass, a main villain women who was a millionare another main millionaire antangonist that was male, but could feminists lobby the game, changing it, making it not as good?


A perfect example was that Mass Effect 3 had a gay sex scene in it. I didn't care or notice really at all, it didn't matter to me that they had it even though people were talking about it.

Then I was pissed off. Why? I find out later it's because they had sex scenes previously, and special interest groups were mad that they didn't have a gay option. I'm not bothered that the gay sex option was there, I thought it was good originally, but then I was pissed off that special interest groups are modifying the content I see to suit them.

Am I more clear now? I'm okay with people expressing themselves through video games in any form, that's all good, but I get upset when peoples expressions are forced by special interest groups.

Comment: Re:It's a combination of problems (Score 1) 154

by Tyr07 (#48409157) Attached to: For Some Would-Be Google Glass Buyers and Devs, Delays May Mean Giving Up

So if someones boss demands they keep their google glass on you'll have mutual respect?

You could always just start with not threatening the adoption of technology by people because their monitor everything everyone does device is more obvious that your monitor everything everyone does device.

Comment: Re:The problem with certifications (Score 1) 276

by Tyr07 (#48409149) Attached to: World's Youngest Microsoft Certificated Professional Is Five Years Old

Alright you got me, you can increase latency to compensate for voice quality over TCP but it doesn't work for what we consider natural real time communication.

So if you were failing people for this, you would be a terrible person to be marking scores. TFTP is old as shit and rarely used, so that's ignorance there and often for small amounts of data, throughput suffers for large volumes at high speeds on todays internet. So you would fail as an instructor.
Last time I saw TFTP was to do with network boot protocols, never seen people use it for normal transfers over public internet.
You would have severe issues using udp for FTP over a realistic network distance over the internet.

So what I said was 100% right. Realistic world side of performance, for real time communication, if you switched them over to TCP, you would either have A - longer latency for communication or B - artifacts and jitter.

You sir, are the biggest douche the unnniiiveeerrrseee...

P.S Yes in your own private networks any of these protocols can work fine since you control the network. Talking to someone in europe from Canada does not give you control over the network and where my statement 'the internet' makes them correct. So don't try to get technical to weeny out of what looks like a troll post.

Comment: Re:Beware of Gamers (Score 3, Insightful) 473

by Tyr07 (#48409121) Attached to: Elite: Dangerous Dumps Offline Single-Player

The game isn't difficult, oh wait I know what your problem is. In eve, you would be called a care bear.

Someone who if they lose even once gets extremely upset, even more so if it's because of a player. People need to look at it like a first person shooter, you die sometimes, and that's okay.

This doesn't mean it's not for casual gamers. Casual doesn't mean 'Super easy I never die so I'm the best and feeds ego'

If that's not what you mean I apologize but it's what it sounds like.

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