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Comment Re:More of an issue about how bad Objective-C is (Score 2) 68

I'm not sure what the right answer is, but it won't be found in a niche language whose sole purpose is to support one company's ecosystem and lock in developers to their platforms.

It's less niche than at least two dozen programming languages /. has hyped as the best thing since sliced bread. Sometimes I feel this place has become a bunch of grumpy old farts who think C and POSIX was the pinnacle of computer science and everything since has just been poorly reinventing the wheel. Or that programming should be for real men who could hand code it in assembly and that high level languages is just another attempt to recreate COBOL or Visual Basic. There's not a whole lot of money in creating programming languages, just ask Sun. And if you don't have widespread adoption, you're never getting off the ground. That's why the OSS community is still trying to create UI apps using 1980s tech, sure Qt is a decent band aid and GTK.... well it's a band aid, but the base language is way behind Java, C# and Swift. Not in what you can theoretically do, but in terms of how easy it is to do it.

Besides, Microsoft is open sourcing .NET Core, Apple has promised to open source Swift within the end of the year, Java has of course been open a while with the OpenJDK so it seems like the days of the base language being closed source is coming to an end. Of course they all do it with their own platform in mind, but desktop Linux could use a few allies. Yes, GNOME and KDE has been at it for a very long time but have they managed to get any market share? Once a percent of nerds, nobody else.

Comment Re:I find it amusing (Score 1) 92

Because Wayland is being written primarily by former X developers who have pushed X to its limits but have no choice but to start from the ground up to get modern features such as tear-free drawing.

Strictly speaking that's not true, from the Wayland FAQ (emphasis mine):

Why not extend the X server?

Because for the first time we have a realistic chance of not having to do that. It's entirely possible to incorporate the buffer exchange and update models that Wayland is built on into X. However, we have an option here of pushing X out of the hotpath between clients and the hardware and making it a compatibility option.

I guess the main reason Wayland doesn't take so much flak is that it's obvious the mission scope has vastly changed from the 1980s display server to the 2015 display server. And it's main deficiencies are most visible in the markets where it's barely present (desktop) or has been replaced wholesale (Android), while the init system seems like you're changing a winning team, honestly when was the last time init scripts was a deal breaker for anything? It has a much more "nice-to-have" feel to it or at least fixing corner cases most people never noticed.

Comment Re:Here here! (Score 0) 139

If they do earn it, half their misogynist colleagues will still think they didn't deserve it and are diversity or affirmative action hires. On slashdot it seems that even encouraging girls to pursue STEM fields is wrong headed, like we're supposed to stand back and patiently wait for stereotypes and preconcpetions and barriers to dissolve by themselves.

And many of us think there is NO problem really...that this is solution or outrage in search of a problem.

I'm not any more worried about this than I am the shortage of males as nurses, the shortage of white jewish players in the NBA, or the number of Asians as lead NASCAR drivers.

Categories of people naturally migrate to different types of jobs/interests. Big fucking deal....

Diversity for the sake of diversity alone, IMHO is just a waste of time..what does it accomplish really? If it happens it happens, if it does't, well...the world won't end now will it?

Comment I'm going to make this easy for you! (Score 0, Flamebait) 236

Just pretend that Hillary is a Republican and that Bernie Sanders & Elizabeth Warren have already been coronated president!

It's OK to demonize Hillary now, since she's no longer a Democrat! You can even use all those sexist slurs from the previous articles about Carly Fiorina that would otherwise be censored by the SJWs as being toxic microaggressions! Hell, just call her Carly instead of Hillary if it makes you feel better!

Comment Re:Not Right Away (Score 1) 297

That only works as long as you have a clear separation of responsibilities and you know what it will and won't do. Driving around with an AI that occasionally spectacularly fails would be like co-sitting a driver with a learner's permit, you're not less tense you're more tense because instead of the ordinary reaction time you only have the time from when you realize the AI won't handle it to react yourself. Not to mention the AI might surprisingly do something wrong creating a situation out of nothing with no warning. I'm with Google on this one, past a certain point either the car is driving or I am, you can't have two masters giving opposite directions. For example say that I intend to make a somewhat optimistic left turn, the car decides uh-oh the road's not clear so it slams the brakes just as I turn the wheel to cut ahead of the opposing traffic, we limp into the opposing lane and bang. Not to mention humans aren't very good at long intermissions, we'll start thinking about or doing other things instead of watching the road. They said they saw this the very first time they let non-project Googlers drive this extremely experimental vehicle, asking ordinary people to do it is pointless. The car will crash roughly as often as the car's AI screws up.

Comment Re:Going out of business ... (Score 1) 164

Yeah, I'm thinking at this point..."What's the Point?"

Sure, nowadays, you don't buy PB for the 'thrill' of seeing a nekkid women so much...but while you do thumb through it, it *is* nice to see nude , really good looking classy ladies...which you don't generally see on the internet sex sites.

They aren't all tattooed up, etc....pleasant to look at while reading through the magazine. Classy....

But if not with that, well, not sure if the rest of the content is enough to warrant interest me it was the combination of great looking nude ladies and reading material.

Not to will get some women, famous to pose in Playboy that aren't gonna do it in another lower class magazine that shows primarily gynecologist shots.

Comment Re:Ask any deaf person with a cochlear implant (Score 1) 68

There is a different device which attaches to a tooth and communicates wirelessly to a microphone. It's another option for people scared of a screw sticking out of their skull.

Digital hearing aids are much better than analog ones. I tried the analog type and it was awful, like listening to an 8-track soaked in molasses in a hot car for the summer.

Comment Re:I have a better name for this. (Score 1) 60

These aren't "balloon bombs", in that you're launching a balloon and hoping it goes over the right location. They talk about using a balloon to give them altitude so that they can then self-glide down to precise locations without needing an engine.

The US actively uses cluster munitions and has no plans to phase them out, and is not a signatory to the Convention on Cluster Munitions (nor are any states that could be considered its enemies or rivals, such as Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, etc). And when your control electronics completely dissolve, it's hard to picture exactly what is supposed to "set them off". Or, conversely if so designed, to not be set off when their control electronics dissolve.

Comment Re:I have a better name for this. (Score 1) 60

They talk about using them for delivery of harmless supplies, but I agree, as weapons delivery systems they seem to make more sense. They describe a balloon carrying up large numbers of small, largely transparent aerial vehicles that then drift to target locations up to 150km away automatically with a 1,4kg payload, then vaporize via sublimation and/or fracturing electronics to tiny bits from internal stresses. Why exactly couldn't these be carrying small shaped charges? And if they have a processor controlling the descent, then they could probably run at least simple image recognition algorithms, or even just IR seeking, once they get to their destination.

A 1,4kg shaped charge is no laughing matter - a mere 440g charge is said to be able to penetrate 35cm of armour. Even if the charge can't penetrate, say, tank primary armour, a precise delivery system could target things like optics systems, weapons systems, tracks, etc. Such a charge could completely take out unarmoured vehicles and would be particularly destructive to aircraft on the ground. Ammunition, fuel supplies, power substations, etc, etc... there's a lot of things a small explosive payload could take out. A balloon hauling dozens or even hundreds of them at once? You're basically talking "cluster cruise missiles". Carried on small transparent wings with almost no radar signature except for that of your munition.

I'm sure that these possibilities haven't passed over DARPA officials.

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