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Comment Re:What a clusterfuck (Score 4, Funny) 676

I'll waste a little more bandwidth, and ask, name three things that Hillary has ever done. Just three accomplishments. You can't name three. You'll have to stretch hard to even try it.

- She made $100k in cattle futures from $1k seed money in a very short time. - She was anointed Senator - She was secretary of state and at least avoided selling out our allies to terrorist states.

Comment Re:Newsflash, the desperate have computers too (Score 1) 176

That said, things are different now and it is harder for older people to find suitable partners -- they're fishing in a dwindling pool full of: - Unpleasant, bitter divorcees who have had their personalities permanently ruined - The unmarryable -- men and women -- who haven't been able to attract anyone due to serious flaws of one kind or another - The permanently single -- aka the creepy 55 year old guy still hitting on women in the bar with no intention of settling down or even being honest

They should be hunting widowers.

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