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Comment: Re:CDNs do not violate Network Neutrality (Score 1) 150

Are we still dealing with metering on regular internet connections?

We have that here on 4g broadband services, I think the last time I checked, you could get 100 GB 4g up to 80 mbit broadband for $100 a month.

But I prefer 100/100 mbit unmetered fiber for the same price though :)

Comment: Re:Yes they did. (Score 2) 572

by TyFoN (#46411845) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Does Your Employer Perform HTTPS MITM Attacks On Employees?

Here in Norway they go even further, and the company is not allowed to read your email if it is put in a folder clearly marked private.

Personally I keep my private and work emails in separate systems, but it seems that a lot of people are using their work email for private stuff.

Comment: Re: Here are 2 reasons this is crap (Score 1) 264

by TyFoN (#46389575) Attached to: Apple Launches CarPlay At Geneva Show

If it supports full BT 4.0 and all the relevant protocols, and none of the features in the dash will refuse to run because the phone is unsupported then I guess there won't be much complaining.

Considering how apple has handled open standards in the past, I suspect this will not be the case though.

But we'll see soon.

Comment: Re:Here are 2 reasons this is crap (Score 1) 264

by TyFoN (#46389147) Attached to: Apple Launches CarPlay At Geneva Show

There is one here.
I would never ever buy a car with apple in the dash, but I can afford these cars.

About 6/10 in my office has android phones, 2/10 has windows phones and the rest are on iphones. This is a bank in a country where iphone adoption is considered very high.
So unless they make it work with other devices, they lost a bunch of other potential customers that I know of too.

Comment: Re: I'm surprised (Score 2) 79

by TyFoN (#46311855) Attached to: Open Source Video Editor Pitivi Seeks Crowdfunding to Reach 1.0

I'm using it all the time :)
Most of the "professional" features are there, you have tons of filters and exporting is really easy although I usually export to qp 0 h264 and then encode it myself using ffmpeg/x264.
It seems that it is using the same libraries though so I might be able to do it from within now too.

Anyway.. I'm never paying for another video editor as long as Kdenlive is maintained.

Comment: Re:Sigh - what the heck ... (Score 3, Informative) 264

by TyFoN (#46288573) Attached to: Routers Pose Biggest Security Threat To Home Networks

Got to love competition mandated by law.

In my area, 15 minutes from the closest city which has about 60.000 inhabitants, I have about 20 providers competing on fiber, cable and copper. You can also toss in a few 4g providers that sell broadband you can carry around.
I settled for fiber 100/100 with tv and phone for $100 a month. It's not the cheapest, but I'm hooked on the speed :)
They also provide ipv6 and "bridge mode routers" with a fixed ipv4 address for my own router and a /62 ipv6 prefix.

We used to have a public telephone company called Telenor, but after it became private it came with the catch that all competitors can buy capacity from them at cost + investment write-offs. It's been working wonders.

Comment: Already on IPv6 (Score 2) 574

by TyFoN (#46267347) Attached to: Whatever Happened To the IPv4 Address Crisis?

My fiber ISP provides 6rd connectivity with a /62 prefix address space, and will bump it to /54 when they implement dual-stack on all systems.
There are still legacy routers on the system apparently.

However tomato on my rt-n66u handles the 6rd just fine.

A lot of systems are on ipv6 already, and I think I have around 50/50 ipv6 and ipv4 traffic now. There is no real difference in use for a regular user. Even all the phones, tables and the chromecast use it without me having to do anything except connecting the router.

I still have a regular fixed ip for ipv4, but all my devices are behind nat.

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