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Comment Re:SOP (Score 1) 61

the proprietary driver is a pain in the a**

Not sure how, at least for arch linux, pacman -S nvidia nvidia-libgl is a pain in the ass.
I suspect it's about as simple as this for most other distributions.

This is actually the main reason for me buying nvidia cards, they "just work" in linux and provide stellar performance.

Comment Re:Legislate 50% less consumption? Good fucking lu (Score 1) 484

My Miele combo washing machine from our apartment days just broke down.
Good thing we have 5 years off warranty mandated by law in Norway.
They tried to fix it twice, now they have to replace it and they are actually replacing it (on our request) with a separate washer and a dryer.

But 4 years is a far cry from the "20 years of operation" promised in the commercial.

Comment Re:Interesting, though I have the opposite experie (Score 1) 267

I agree with this sentiment.

I will also add that the select widget of gtk and the file selection "widget" are the biggest turnoff of any software I have ever used.

That said, whenever friends or family want me to install linux, they get gnome 3.
Less things to screw up.

Comment Home computer (Score 1) 558

i7 4770K, 16 gb ram, gtx 670, 3x ssd, 3x spinning rust platters, DVD-RW drive, 24" dell screen (very old model but excellent).
It's for games and programming.
2 of the ssds are for windows only games and the last is for arch linux where i spend most of the time.
The rust platters are hardly in use anymore as most of my stuff is on a synology box.

Comment Re:BTRFS makes Arch awesome (Score 1) 74

I can't remember breaking any of my arch installations for the past few years. Just make sure to pay attention to the announce list or have the arch linux news rss in your aggregator of choice.

And yes, it is awesome I use it on my home computers and the development workstation at work.

Comment Where's the source? (Score 1) 59

On the web page they claim to support open source etc, but their product is apparently closed source as much as possible.

They have opened the kernel and two apps, the rest is closed down.

So you got to trust them to not be a NSA honey-pot or something else.

I think not.

Comment Re: Umm... Lulz.... (Score 1) 253

The Greeks have done nothing but cook the books and lie to get into EU, get loans to spend on handouts and now they blame everyone but themselves.
The public in Greece voted for every single one of these crooks and are to blame.
I think the best course of action is to toss them out, they were never fit to be in. They even hid public debt in their train company to pass EU requirements all to be able to borrow cheap with no intention of paying back.

Sorry, I don't want to pay for the Greeks early retirements.

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