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+ - Codemasters web site gets hacked->

Submitted by
skybon writes "After Sony and Square Enix, Codemasters web site got hacked as well. The intrusion that took place on 3 June is believed to have compromised members' names, usernames, screen names, email addresses, date of birth, encrypted passwords, newsletter preferences, any biographies entered by users, details of last site activity, IP addresses and Xbox Live Gamertags. In the letter sent out to CodeM subscribers, the company recommends changing password as soon as possible."
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+ - Apple Steps Up in Lodsys Lawsuits->

Submitted by TwiztidK
TwiztidK (1723954) writes "Nine days after Lodsys sued seven little app developers in the Eastern District of Texas, Apple filed a motion to intervene in the proceedings.

If the court grants Apple's motion to participate as an intervenor, Apple has already submitted its answer to the complaint, and its counterclaim.

Lodsys can oppose Apple's motion to intervene. That may happen, but I believe Apple is fairly likely to be admitted as an intervenor."

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Comment: It was gimmicky to begin with (Score 1) 350

by TwiztidK (#33149746) Attached to: Why Wave Failed

I got Wave during the beta, as did many of my friends, and we all thought it was pretty nifty. After a few weeks, it had pretty much lost its allure and almost none of us were using it because the majority of the people we communicated with didn't use it.

The really problem with Wave was definitely marketing. If I asked a random, "normal" person if they used Google Wave, their answer would be "Huh? What's that?" No one knew about it.

Comment: Car analogy (Score 4, Insightful) 1018

by TwiztidK (#33082066) Attached to: High-Frequency Programmers Revolt Over Pay

"Many of them receive a low 6-figure salary whereas their bosses — who manipulate these algorithms and execute the trades — often earn millions."

A Nascar Driver's pit crew recieve a low 5-figure salary while their bosses - who use the cars to win races - often earn millions.

I get why the programmers are disgruntled, the code they write makes a lot of money and they aren't getting a huge cut, but it seems like the algorithm the program is based on would be the most important aspect. Besides, $100,000 a year doesn't seem that bad to me.

Comment: Re:Average (Score 1) 617

by TwiztidK (#33058486) Attached to: School District Drops 'D' Grades

When I was in school, higher achievers were in one class, average students in another and lower achievers and those with behavioral issues in another. Teaching was tailored to each class and everybody learned at their pace. Lower achievers could learn with more help, higher achievers just saw more content and everybody was happy.

That is how grade school is where I live, even more so in the Middle and High Schools. In grades 1-6 they usually have a class for "Accelerated" students and in grades 7-12 the smarter kids take harder and more in-depth classes.

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