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All of that said, I would love for you to have it 100% correct, because I fucking loathe insurance companies

The vast majority of accidents are caused by bad judgment from the driver, and to a lesser extent - poorly maintained vehicles (which will be mostly resolved when EVs are mainstream anyway). It was probably originally enforced due to potentially wrecking an innocent's car (as you decide if you want to risk things if it was just your car at stake).

Yes, okay, car insurance will still exist (contrary to my initial post), but it will be like say, buildings insurance - very low, and non-forced (people won't have to insure if they don't want to).

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Because it wouldn't be a liability to anyone anymore. Imagine zero crashes. That's an extreme, but let's assume that for the sake of argument.

Insurance at that point would be seen as pointless, and so the government would not require insurance like the 'good ol days' (read "bad old days").

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Maybe you've been ripped off so much by the car insurance companies that you're missing the obvious. There in principle cannot be a car insurance market if cars don't crash anymore. If the reduction in accidents is one tenth of the what is was before, then the insurance premium will be about one tenth too (all else being equal, with maximum automation). At that point, the sheer paperwork will more than cancel out any benefit gained to anyone.

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