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Comment: Re:"Haven't reached that point yet" (Score 2) 90

by Twinbee (#48656275) Attached to: Google Unveils New Self-Driving Car Prototype
'Unfortunately', we also have a responsibility to ensure the safety of others, not just ourselves. When you drive your car, it's not just your life on the line.

For that very reason, as soon as self-driving cars reach a critical point of safety over normal drivers (perhaps at least 25% lives saved?), it's a GOOD idea to implement it ASAP. I like controlling cars too, but the roads are not for joyrides.

Comment: Re:Better comparison site (Score 2) 377

by Twinbee (#48571593) Attached to: Bellard Creates New Image Format To Replace JPEG
The difference is substantial - very substantial.

Try the "Pont de Quebec at Night" image making sure "Mozjpeg" is on the left and BPG-x265 on the right.

Then hover your mouse cursor over the image. Everything to the left of the cursor is JPEG, and everything to the right BPG.

Tell me you then can't see a difference.

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