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Comment: Re:I'm one of those engineers... (Score 1) 341

You're forgetting that even if we don't solve the lane marking problem, it'll be orders of magnitude cheaper to put down special markers on the road that AI can read perfectly, than it is to keep wasting millions of man-hours per day having to drive a car manually.

Comment: Re:HUH (Score 1) 341

Just like we don't have flying cars because it's not practical from production cost or for the manufacture or owner to take on that liability as a mechanical failure at altitude is immediately a costly accident.

That doesn't take into consideration that the manufacture can put all liability on the customer as a condition of purchase. Nor does it account for that the customer could be very rich and want to avoid 2 hour queues daily to get to work and back.

The major difference between bonds and bond traders is that the bonds will eventually mature.