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Comment Re:I'm majorly confused (Score 1) 291

I'm really tired of stupid date math. Bad enough it's already five different bases across six different numbers, with three of those bases dynamic based on four of the others.

Love that quote.

This is why I've always advocated for two times. One based on what you want (constant intervals of time), and one based on the position of the sun as a percentage or similar. We can go to town with the complexity of the latter, but the former should be kept as simple as possible like you say.

Comment Re:Bad news for them (Score 1) 129

Well then why have optimization algs at all? Why not just use brute force and be done with?

As you know, patterns in the real world have structure to them and have dips and valleys, characteristic shapes, and repeating fractal elements. I think what you don't appreciate enough is that there are classes of optimization algorithms (e.g: genetic algorithms or neural networks) which have a very GENERIC way of working with MANY kinds of search spaces, some of which one can't even imagine.

What you say about all algs being equally bad/bad would only apply to search spaces that are completely random. In this case, then any algorithm is about as good as brute force.

Kinda like the relativistic view on maths instead of aesthetics, but no less distasteful :P There's a lot we can still learn and improve on contrary to your view.

Comment Who says I want the taste of real meat? (Score 2) 317

Fake 'meat' made from ingredients such as quorn, soya or veg is no panacea, but after getting used to Quorn mince, minced beef now tastes a little, erm 'metallic', or at least strange in some way. For those who don't like the taste of liver, it's a little like that, though less extreme.

I don't want to have the taste of meat. Nor do I want the slightly cardboardy taste of current "veg meat" foods (though it is improving).

Instead, I want something which combines the best aspects of the flavours of both real meat and fake meat.

Only fake meat can even attempt to reach that solution, or at least can offer a far bigger variety of flavours than real meat could hope to offer.

Comment Re:Oh, that's ironic (Score 4, Interesting) 578

Information is not racist in itself. If it turns out that gene research shows that some types of people are more intelligent or more creative than others, so what? Should we censor that? Heck, even people WITHIN a particular culture tend to be more intelligent, faster or stronger than others within that culture. That's not under doubt, but it's how we can act on that information that determines whether it's racist or not.

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