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+ - Julian Assange Video DMCA'ed Offline During Aussie Election

Submitted by Pav
Pav (4298) writes "On the verge of going viral (600,000 views in a week) this video was taken offline during the Australian election. It's a humourous spoof of the various contenders, plus a guest appearance by the real Julian Assange, who breaks into a few bars of "The Voice" by John Farnham, jarringly and an octave too low — apparently this was the cause of the DMCA concern."

+ - Laugh Away the Tears with Biting Rap Satire-> 1

Submitted by Pav
Pav (4298) writes "Guest appearances by Julian Assange, Kristinn Hrafnsson (Wikileaks spokesman) and Noam Chomsky help round out Rap News, a satirical rap soundtrack of civil liberties erosion and general madness during the last few years. The latest track covers the Edward Snowden story, with a surprisingly poignant call to action."
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Comment: Re:Before we get the usual gaggle of fascists (Score 4, Informative) 279

by Twigmon (#41432303) Attached to: Iran Set To Block Access To Google

I think the most scary thing from the poll you linked is that 8% of Muslims did not agree that: Muslims living in the U.S. do not sympathize with the al Qaeda terrorist organization.

This means that 1 in 12 Muslims interviewed could believe that Muslims living in the U.S. sympathize with an organisation who openly hates western society.

Comment: Typical (Score 4, Interesting) 317

by Twigmon (#34924044) Attached to: Australia Mandates Microsoft's Office Open XML

Unfortunately this seems pretty typical of this government. They like to make policies up on the spot and those policies don't have any thought put into them. We've had stimulus spending that - helped keep the economy going. They didn't actually plan what they were going to spend on though and they never put proper policies in place and we ended up spending way too much on stuff that didn't work.

I especially like the opt-out section:

51. This policy is subject to the process for administration of opt-outs from Whole-ofGovernment arrangements.
52. Initial opt-out considerations will be factored into the transition plan and are expected to
show how alignment to the policy will be achieved as part of the transition plan. Claims for
opting out will not be considered during the transition phase.
53. When seeking an opt-out, an agency will need to include a remediation plan to detail how it
will return to the WofG COE policy. Opt-outs are limited to a maximum of 3 years, after
which the original business case will be reassessed to ensure it is still valid.
54. While it is recognised that agencies may have a need to develop separate SOE images, it is
expected that these images will comply with the standards set out for the COE to ensure
that agencies can still share data and services in a seamless manner.

Whoa shite! Opting out is a massive process and has to be reviewed every 3 years.............

A committee is a group that keeps the minutes and loses hours. -- Milton Berle