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Comment: Totally not NSA spy (Score 1, Interesting) 117

Snowden is a traitor. We (NSA) were doing all these things to make the world a better place, and then he had to ruin the surprise.
Remember that guy who betrayed Neo in Matrix? How he explained the whole rationale to Agent Smith, using a piece of steak?
Remember Daleks? How resistance is futile?
We are at the same crossroads, people. Just give in. Don't make us come after you. We both know how it'll end. Just relax. Use FB, twitter, instagram, pinterest and all the tools of procrastination. Give us the information, don't make us go after it. It will be easier for both parties
Did I mention that Snowden is a traitor and you don't count if you happen to be outside our country? Just accept it. Don't make me liberate you.

Comment: These people (Score 1) 109

by Twelfth Harmonic (#47430897) Attached to: Google's Experimental Newsroom Avoids Negative Headlines
need a real journalist to lead their marketing efforts.
For one, you don't edit the news. You relay the facts as is.
If you want to have your audience read about your opinions, you clearly mark that an "Editorial" and then go crazy on your side of things.
Future newsreaders don't need a platform that's gonna censor the news they receive. Google would take a big PR hit from this. think it through.
Sergey Brin said his vision was to "make information come to the people" That's kinda what you're trying to do. The slippery slope is the point where you decide who lives and who dies.

The beer-cooled computer does not harm the ozone layer. -- John M. Ford, a.k.a. Dr. Mike