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Comment Re:Why? why now? (Score 1) 158

If you're a developer working in a shop writing code for bethesda or valve or EA, chances are your windows site license for desktops and servers is already heavily discounted thanks to your generous interest in a visual studio license despite eclipse being right there. Chances are even better that in order to keep this generous discount your manager has started shoehorning C# into your project requirements to 'maximize the investment value' of what basically amounts to a protection racket for good customers.

This is one of the dumbest things I've read on /. for a long while.

Comment Re:Let me get this straight: (Score 4, Informative) 428

We're now not supposed to eat meat of any kind

If you want to misrepresent what was said, that's your prerogative. The WHO didn't recommend not eating meat, only not to eat processed/smoked meats, and to limit red meat. As usual, the concept of moderation goes *woosh* over people's heads as they furiously go about constructing their strawmen ..

Comment Re:and what stops (Score 2) 451

All this does is do what you should be doing anyhow. If the guy behind you is going to rear-end you because you stopped safely to avoid a collision, he was doing to rear-end you after you rear-end the car ahead of you. This isn't rocket science. The only thing that understandably scares people is that if computers are making decisions for us, even if it makes a significant reduction in accidents, we feel like we could have done better had the computer not intervened. It's a blame thing. But any accidents involve victims who did nothing but be in the wrong car at the wrong time. But yes, we crave control, it's built into our fabric of the instinct to survive. Unfortunately, we're also great at making things that we can't control very well.

Comment Re:Here's an Idea... (Score 1) 451

This is the abstinence only approach. Doesn't work.

I'm also glad that in two seconds of things, you've come up with reasons that the thousands of engineers involved in implementing things like this haven't thought of. I hope they read your post!

You may be an irate engineer because you're surrounded by reasonable engineers.

You don't have to know how the computer works, just how to work the computer.