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GameCube (Games)

Journal: Gmail V2 5

Journal by Turn-X Alphonse

Okay the other journal post was locked, so that goes out the window. If you want an account then post here. Sorry for the delay to the last few people. I'll be faster in the future. I've currently got 8 but knowing Google they will give me more in the very near future.

Jokes, funny stories etc. all welcome but not vital.

Gamecube icon because of fanboyism

User Journal

Journal: Eep!

Journal by Turn-X Alphonse

I'm now officially scared of my Slashdot reading. I've been reading most the day and made a few comments (one even got modded up worryingly). So I'm sitting here with several porn links open, theres lesbian porn on TV (channel 4 in the UK) and I'm sitting here writing ajournal entry and downloading a movie... and I don't have a fucking clue why.

I'd rather read geeks comments on the Sasser virus then I would look at two hot girls fingering each other.... I'm starting to wonder if my sexual prefrence has changed to a /. icon rather then a male or female one o.o


Journal: Gmail invites 20

Journal by Turn-X Alphonse

Got like 3 spare Gmail invites, if you want one leave a message and I'll hand them out. Give a good reason as to wanting one (or leave a funny joke not taken from Bash.org) and I'll give them to my favourite replies.

If I get any more I will select the next people based on these replies and the next ones, so if you miss out this time you may get it the day after.

You can be replaced by this computer.