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Comment Re:Google is mining my user data? (Score 1) 103

Look, I haven't left this site yet because I haven't found a better alternative.

The big tech news are usually found one day earlier at Hacker News, which also gets a threaded comment system.

Political commentary and trolling are not allowed there, and downvotes actually hurt, so usually there are much less comments; but sometimes that's an advantage.

The only reason why I still lurk around here is because open source software and "your rights online" news are typically analyzed more in depth here - there's still enough people from the early days willing to post some insightful comment, and it's possible to find it between the noise thanks to the filters that let you read everything and follow interesting people.

Comment Re:It never will feel real (Score 1) 90

VR is a dead end. How would you create a VR environment that is real? How can you walk, climb? Your inner ear is telling you about the real world. Your eyes are showing you the virtual world. The disconnection between the two is what causes people to get motion sickness. You will never solve that problem.

Are you absolutely 100% percent sure about that?

Comment Re:Maintainability is THE Bottleneck (Score 1) 255

Maybe the doctor just needs a small script that saves a copy of each mail received into a folder that matches the a keyword in the mail subject, and backup all them to an external hard disk every night.

Not all tasks that merit automating are related to the expert's knowledge domain - most are routine actions that the user needs to make by hand every single time. The kind of repetitive tasks that a developer would create a simple script for, an end user needs to ask the software vendor to include them as a feature.

You're agreeing with me with mentioning incompatible apps - users often need to painfully transfer data between them with Copy-Paste, the universal data exchange standard that glues the whole User space together. If end users knew scripting, they could create their own transfer subroutines that automated most of their repetitive steps that they must perform by hand now.

Comment Re:"When everyone can code . . . " (Score 1) 255

> I don't understand the big push to get everyone to code -- not everyone *wants* to code, nor should they have to.

Not everyone wants to write novels, why would they want to learn to write?

There's a sense of freedom in being able to solve your own problems without having to delegate the solution to a professional. There are lots of small, day-to-day tasks that could benefit from being automated, i.e. triggered under conditions set up by the users themselves (anything beyond "set an alarm off" is beyond the reach of average users with current tools).

There are some mobile apps that allow users to set such rules, but they are too difficult to use and little known. The alternative is letting Google build all such automations for you in the form of Google Now, at the cost of:

1) only having those automations that the Google guys put in the system,
2) being unable to alter their behavior if it doesn't fit your needs, and of course
3) revealing your whole life to Google so that they can make it work.

A really easy coding tool plus some coding literacy would allow people to reap all the benefits of Google Now without selling your soul to the company.

Comment Re:Let's do it! (Score 1) 113

No, I think it's just you... you must have a huge problem when using any GUI interface these days--"OK or Cancel? OK to what?? Cancel what??? I have no idea what it's talking about!"

This is modded insightful??? For any non-degenerate case, the buttons OK and Cancel will be placed on a dialog that provides the context of what they are about, so their meaning can still be inferred from the whole interface they are connected with. If you are really interested in the scientific basis of how all this works, search for any literature in the intersections of "semantics" and "human-computer interaction" - there's much more to it than the average developer knows about.

BTW, in most cases the recommended text for buttons in dialogs is to summarize the effect they will have if pressed (like "Save" or "Delete all files" or "Stop the autodestruction sequence"), not merely "OK".

Comment Re:It's the newest political weapon (Score 1) 371

The internet never forgets. Even if they learn to purge/hide their stuff, it's extremely likely that it's referenced or stored somewhere else, especially if the person had some level of notoriety before running for office.

Maybe, but deleting them when they're still not well known (as in this case) would make it much less likely than the content can be found; and if such content is still recovered from archives, it would be obvious to anyone that an extra effort was paid to dig in the dirt to find anything juicy or salacious. (It was obvious in this case to anyone who understand Twitter, but that is still a minority of the general population).

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