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Comment The pitfalls of sharecropping (Score 1) 716 716

Tim Bray wrote about this situation years ago: http://www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2003/07/12/WebsThePlace (and I think I heard the "sharecropping" term used from earlier, too). Essentially, when developers work on a platform owned by someone else, you are fully at their mercy.

Comment Take control of your brand (Score 2, Informative) 474 474

Having some sort of online presence is a great way to control (or at least influence) the image about you online. There's a heap of stuff on google about personal brand management. This one looked like it had a lot of relevant points regarding why you should consider this to be important: http://www.bruceclay.com/blog/archives/2008/04/building_personal_brand.html

Submission + - Study: firstborns have higher IQ than siblings->

ghastlygray writes: The New York Times reports an extensive study which shows firstborns tend to have higher IQ than their siblings. The interesting point is that there's strong evidence this has nothing to do with biology, but rather with social conditioning and family dynamics: the researchers discovered that when the eldest child dies at infancy, the second child gets the high IQ. The article cites several competing explanations for this phenomenon.
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