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Comment: Re:Denmarks reliance on "green" taxes (Score 1) 488

by Tukz (#48366965) Attached to: Denmark Faces a Tricky Transition To 100 Percent Renewable Energy

Was about to post about exactly this.
I live in Denmark and my father wanted to install solar power a few years ago.

He quickly found out that's a very bad idea, since the costs to the government would be significant.

They tax you on the generated power output, and require you to sell excess to the local power company, which they naturally also take income tax on.

They say they want us to go green, but yet they tax the hell out of it.

Comment: Re:Is there any way to stop auto-play? (Score 1) 131

by Tukz (#47826231) Attached to: Facebook Blamed For Driving Up Cellphone Bills, But It's Not Alone

Actually, after learning about the ridiculous access privileges the Facebook app requires, I switched in a heartbeat and I know several people who did as well.
And as a bonus, now chat works directly from Facebook, and doesn't require an App that have even more ridiculous access privileges requirement.

I strongly encourage people to use Facebook directly from the browser and not from the App.

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