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Comment Re:Dues it matter? (Score 1) 98

You can say the same for laptops.
So easily replaced, but laptops with larger drives costs more than what the drive would had cost by itself by quite a lot.

In most cases it's cheaper to buy the laptop with the smallest HDD and replace it yourself with something larger or a SSD.

Oh and to answer your question, it's a 2.5 inch drive in the PS4, though with a height limit of 9.5mm iirc.
People have reported 4TB working fine.

Comment Re:I do not consent (Score 3, Insightful) 851

Then you should also sign a card saying you are not entitled to medical care to treat potential illnesses caused that have direct links to the digestion of trans fats, unless you pay for it yourself.

I'm all for "it's my body" and all that, I honestly am, but not at the expense of others.

Comment "block" (Score 2) 45

Resolving the domain name to an internal warning page isn't "blocking".
That's just a minor inconvenience while people just use a different DNS.

Even if they decide to actively block the traffic originated to and from those IP addresses people will just use a tunnel.

So by all means, "block" it and say you did to get the government of your back.
In real life it has no meaning.

Comment Re: Like a dice (Score 1) 108

I wasn't sure if I should reply with the correct answer or "whoosh" myself.
Kind of hard to tell if people feel the need to iterate a joke or are genuinely oblivious.

I went with the former. My mistake I suppose.

Comment Re:Bunch of knobs (Score 1) 160

If only the games for these systems didn't depend on Microsoft's and Sony's servers to be accessible for them to work. It's almost as if it's some kind of crazy DRM scheme.

They don't.
At least not any of those I have, they work just fine without PSN.

Even installed a game from disc without PSN validation.

Another megabytes the dust.