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Submission + - Polyphonic Overtone Singing Explained Visually With Spectrograms (youtube.com)

Tucano writes: The overtone singer Anna-Maria Hefele can sing two notes at the same time. In her latest video, spectrograms and frequency filters are used to explain how she can produce two melody lines at the same time, and how she uses her mouth to filter the frequencies of her voice.

When the voice produces a sound, many harmonics (or overtones) sound at the same time, and we normally hear this as a single tone. In overtone singing, the mouth filters out all harmonics but one, and the one that remains is amplified to become louder. This is then perceived as a separate tone, next to the fundamental.
In her video, Anna-Maria shows techniques that become increasingly advanced. She shows the overtone scale (steady fundamental, moving overtone), the undertone scale (steady overtone, moving fundamental), parallel movement and opposing movement of overtone and fundamental, and even complex compositions with two separate melody lines.

Comment Visual Leak Detector (Score 3, Interesting) 398

I have tried mainly Boundschecker and Purify, and they were usually quite slow and difficult to set up and produced lots of spurious results. Also, quite often they simply didn't work at all and refused to run certain programs. A few years ago I reduced the problem to a 10 line C++ program that would crash Boundschecker or Purify, can't remember anymore which one it was.

In any case, Visual Leak Detector is a free memory checking tool. It's only for Windows / Visual Studio, but if you are using that, VLD is awesome: http://www.codeproject.com/tools/visualleakdetecto r.asp

It's super easy to set up, just #include "vld.h" somewhere in your program, and then run the debug mode. No need to rebuild everything in instrumented mode, and no false results (at least I haven't got any). Real memory leaks will be reported in the output window of the IDE.

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