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Submission + - Is Etsy the Next Spamazon? (

Tsu Dho Nimh writes: "Mikeynice, the public face of Etsy's management team, posted this in his blog under the title "Improving Etsy Emails": Starting this week, we're going to be trying something new for members who make their first purchase. A portion of these members will receive a "Thank You" email a few days after their purchase. In this email, we'll invite them to connect with Etsy via Facebook and Twitter and tell them about some shopping newsletters. We'll also suggest other items they might like, based on what they've previously purchased. ... "

Great shades of vintage Spamazon! To encourage people to come back, they'll send them a letter telling them that they are being tracked because they made a purchase. Creepy!"

Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Second Life Goes Sex-Free! (

Tsu Dho Nimh writes: "Because of a database screw-up, thousands of Second Life residents have been forced into celibacy until their sex toys can be patched and reinflated. The popular avatar-animating furniture by Stroker Serpentine was de-sexed last month when someone at Linden Labs blacklisted the script responsible for pixel passion. (Blacklisting a script normally requires a supervisor sign-off, so it's unclear why the sex toys were neutered.) The database went FUBAR in mid-April and the rumpy-pumpy repair squad has been in full swing since then, but thousands of scripted swings and mattresses are still impotent. The beds were subject of a copyright suit a while ago."

Submission + - To Replace Microsoft Office?

Tsu Dho Nimh writes: "It has to be true, because it's on the Internet at Associated Content, the fine content provider that brought you the great Ham Sandwich Hate Crime debacle. This article has too many errors for me to explain to the author, a political science student who claims to have "a clear opinion and perspective on many political, cultural, and spiritual issues". Unfortunately he confuses open source with public domain and appears to have only a passing acquaintance with both MS Office and

QUOTES:" is open-source. Open-source means that the code upon which the software is built is public domain". "If you require detailed statistical functionality, complicated financial formulas, or other non-standard formulas and functions, Calc may disappoint you", " Math ... Microsoft Office equivalent: Visual Basic (sort of)"."

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