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by Tsiangkun (#47317705) Attached to: Google I/O 2014 Begins [updated]
I did not suggest a mistake. I suggested it was a typo by some being too cute to get the message correct. I think it was an attempt to do as you say, but the expression as typed does not parse correctly. Google developer tracking^w conference is one way to express the idea. Google developer tracking ^w^wdevelopers conference is another.

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by Tsiangkun (#47316649) Attached to: Google I/O 2014 Begins [updated]
Holy abuse of parenthesis !
... acquisitions and projects (like the recent purchase of Nest, which itself promptly bought Dropcam, the ever smarter fleet of self-driving cars, the growing number of Glass devices in the wild, and the announcement of a 3D scanning high end tablet quite unlike the Nexus line of tablets and phones), ...

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Or, is it a way to share your powerpoint and not have to carry more than your mobile device ? We have a wifi projector at work. This is just another way to let people throw something up on the screen without moving cables around. Think of it as a presentation tool on the mobiles, that supports minor editing and layout changes and it makes a little more sense. Most people wanting this have office, and office documents, and this opens up a new way to present them.

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