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Comment: Re:Putin actually speaks the truth (Score 1) 391

Indeed! Russia also requires all telcoms and ISPs, at their expense, to install monitoring equipment of the internet and telephones, This project is called SORM (wikipedia entry for SORM). The system was put into place around 1996-2000, but it has been used as recently as the Winter Olympics (source). It is explicitly a mass-surveillance system, so either Putin is lying or he is bending the truth: Russia doesn't pay for it... but by law the telcoms have to pay it. They don't do illegal wiretapping because it is explicitly legal. And you're right, they might not have the ability to store all that data for long periods of time, but you can be sure they are targeting people. And you can be sure they are targeting foreign governments too (of course). Heck, there were several diplomatic leaks at the beginning of the Crimean crises in order to strain US-EU ties. You can be sure that's due to Russia's intelligence services.

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Or, is it a way to share your powerpoint and not have to carry more than your mobile device ? We have a wifi projector at work. This is just another way to let people throw something up on the screen without moving cables around. Think of it as a presentation tool on the mobiles, that supports minor editing and layout changes and it makes a little more sense. Most people wanting this have office, and office documents, and this opens up a new way to present them.

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Personally i'd ban the use of cellphones while the car is in motion. Most of them now have accelerometers. Use it. Disable the phone if the car is moving. Less distracted morons on the road is good for everyone. Oh you're a passenger? We'll have passenger mode. Get caught driving with your phone in passenger mode? $10,000 fine and a month in jail. We'll put a stop to driving while distracted real quick. At least for phones. Is it perfect? Nope. But it's a good start.

Why do you include all the accelerometer/disabling/passenger mode steps and not just skip to "Get caught driving with your phone? Huge fine & jail time."? It would require a lot less hurdles.

Personally, I'd prefer taking the device out of the equation, and just stick to "Driving badly? Heavy consequences." Much simpler.

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by eugene_roux (#45112985) Attached to: Charlie Stross: Why Microsoft Word Must Die

Christ. This article, like so many here at Slashdot, summarizes to: Usability matters. Usability matters A LOT. Open source developers still don't fucking get it.

Here's a thought: if you want people to stop using Word, why not make something better than Word? Shocking.

Christ. This comment, like so many here at Slashdot, summarizes to: Not being a dick matters. Not being a dick matters A LOT. Some commenters still don't fucking get it.

Here's a thought: if you want people to start taking you seriously, why not stop being such an patronising dick? Shocking.

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