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Comment Re:Proprietary charging cables are devil's work (Score 1) 160

Power and data can and should go over the same cables.

We no longer need ANY CABLE for data. Your saddling yourself with restrictions to satisfy a long-lost need. And...

Proprietary charging cables are wasteful, annoying, redundant, and unnecessary

It's only where POWER and DATA go over the same cable that we end up with horrible proprietary crap! If phones had power-only cables, they'd have been simple, standard barrel connectors.

Now USB just needs to settle on a single un-keyed connector that can carry enough power to run a laptop

Laptops have had that forever... Their simple barrel connectors can pull 200W+, no trouble at all. And no USB connector will ever be 1/100th as durable as a tough, simple, basic barrel connector.

There's only ONE THING I give USB credit for... It sucked the air out of all the subtle variation of voltages around its range. Instead of devices that needed 3V, some that needed 6V, and others that needed 4.5V, and even with some that wanted 7.5V, now all those devices will have mini-USB plugs (usually not micro-usb), and run on 5V.

Of course if every smartphone charger on the planet switched to 12V, it would have the same effect on laptops, and all other devices that use any voltages anywhere around that range.

Comment Re:Not replaced: serial and parallel ports. (Score 1) 160

It is also unnecessary 99.9% of the time. Nearly all RS232 devices and hosts will work just fine with TTL voltages (+5V/GND).

I wish that were true, but it sure as hell isn't!

Sure, MANY devices accept TTL voltage RS232, but a big number DO NOT. So if you depend on that USB-RS232 adapter, you'll be left standing around, looking like a moron.

Just had to configure a brand new smart PDU a while ago... Absolutely no activity to my company laptop via USB. Bad cable? Incorrect wiring? Defective PDU? Nope... Plugged that cable to a server with an actual RS232 port, and it works flawlessly.

I wish I could find USB-RS232 adapters that actually output the proper voltages...

Comment Re:Discussed before (Score 1) 160

USB is dirt cheap. You can have a separate bus-per-device if you so desire. That will easily eliminate all contention.

And what you really mean is USB is useless for REAL-TIME work... When USB can do faster-than-realtime for you, the contention and other gripes aren't much of an issue. Firewire is dying out in production video shops, too, though it has been (almost-) replaced by several different alternatives, not (just) USB.

Comment Re:Discussed before (Score 1) 160

Firewire is long dead, except for a few niches in the industry.

DV cameras were the one and only practical consumer application of firewire, and they've been obsolete and forgotten for many years. Once you eliminate DV tape and switch to solid-state, you eliminate the need for the fixed-bit-rate codec, and can easily transfer faster-than-real-time over USB2.

In fact, you can skip the USB cables, and transfer your videos over WiFi these days, even with sub-$100 camcorders...

Comment Re:"Failed" push for renewables? (Score 1) 254

Nuclear is an over-centralized, expensive, and dangerous technology based on a limited fuel source.

You want to call Nuclear over-centralized and expensive in the same breath you praise wind? Take a good look at the Pickens Plan:

"New transmission lines, worth $64 billion to $128 billion, would be needed to carry the power from the windmills to the cities. Pickens [...] said the government should begin building transmission lines for wind-generated power in the same way that President Eisenhower did by declaring an emergency to build the interstate highway system in the 1950s and 1960s."

Comment Re:Screw paying for ANY television viewing (Score 1) 232

As for the mountain ranges I bet there are TV repeaters on top of those ridges.

Absolutely not. ATSC doesn't really support single-frequency networks/repeaters.

2edge, 60 miles away, and -117dBm according to TVFool, yet good-enough reception for my purposes (some channels break-up more than others).

50 miles south of the Jacksonville ones.

That sounds entirely doable, even with pine trees. At least Florida doesn't throw mountains in the way. Trying TVFool with a zip of 32134, it says you have very good signal strength, even at that distance.

Ten years ago I got a new extreme range one, didn't help.

Every cheap $20 antenna claims to get extreme-range reception... that doesn't mean they do. What you need is an 8-bay for UHF, like a Winegard 8800, combined with a mast-mounted preamp like the RCA TVPRAMP1R. For VHF stations, an AntennaCraft y10-7-13, connected to that same preamp. Even with the large obstructions, I have no doubt you'll get solid reception.

And yes I want to watch what I want, my sports and The Walking Dead.

You're welcome to do what you want... Just not justifying it by pretending you don't have any (free) alternatives, when it looks like you're got a far better signal than many of us who go the free route.

Comment Re:Screw paying for ANY television viewing (Score 1) 232

I meant I'd have to go to 350 ft to get signal that I could actually watch reliably.

That still makes zero sense. How high your antenna tower needs to be is directly correlated with how good your antenna is, (and how many of them you install together). TVFool contains NO INFORMATION on how good antennas are, so it never (directly) tells anyone how tall of a tower they need. So it seems you're making some big assumptions, somewhere, which likely aren't accurate. You were quick to claim you were technically adept, but haven't shown any knowledge of RF, thus far. The quickest way to get at the facts of the matter would be to give a rough location, so your claim could be verified, or useful advice could be give to correct your misunderstanding.

One simple hint: Using TWO antennas is equivalent to doubling the height of your tower. Four antennas doubles it, again. Even taking your unexplained "350ft" antenna tower at face value, a quad antenna setup gets you down under 90ft, which is far more manageable.

Comment Re:Important to note (Score 1) 411

It's important because this could have legal consequences. And that's the only reason.

If I call a mule's tail a leg, it remains a tail. Schedule I is only significant in the context of legal repercussions. It's not a valid logical category in any other context. It doesn't tell you, e.g., anything about possible medical uses, even though it explicitly purports to.

Comment Re:Important to note (Score 1) 411

They are by no means the most harmful drugs. Belladona would be a good choice if that was what you were considering.

Tobacco and nicotine are two of the most attractive of the moderately harmful drugs. Most people aren't really attracted to strychnine.

What happened is there is a puritanical groups that seized control, and they decided that they had the right to tell everyone what they should be like, and that what they should be like is the way god made them. There are advantages to this as well as disadvantages, so they were able to suppress all except the very most popular drugs. Their success can be measured by the fact that the DEA will prosecute doctors who prescribe too much pain relieving medication. The underlying belief is that if god causes you to feel pain, you should be in pain.

In most cases I believe that drugs should be legal to purchase, and to sell, and to manufacture, and to transport, but not to advertise either directly or through sponsorship of media that use "placement ads" for them. And in this I include pharmaceuticals used to treat illnesses as well as other drugs, and I feel no distinction should be made. (I.e., I don't feel any of them except antibiotics and, perhaps, a very few others should have their sale regulated.)

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