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+ - Apple Officially Launches appletv and iPhone

Submitted by
cangeceiro writes " /index.php The appletv wireless connects your digital media to your widescreen TV, said Jobs. The device includes power, USB 2.0, Ethernet, built-in Wi-Fi, HDMI, component video, audio and optical audio ports on its back. The appletv is capable of displaying 720p HD video, and incorporates its own 40GB hard drive, said Jobs — capable of storing up to 50 hours of video."

+ - XBox 360 has been cracked

Submitted by Hopscotch
Hopscotch (666) writes "German IT site heise news reports, that during the 23. Chaos Communication Congress this week in Berlin the XBox 360 has been cracked and evidently unsigned code has been executed. A completly disguised hacker came in to the lightning talk session on day four and brought an XBox 360 connected via serial port to his notebook. The XBox was also connected to the beamer. First he booted into the game "King Kong" where he loaded a saved game. During that the screen changed from black to white and our beloved penguin along with the Mac OS logo and the text "comming soon" started bouncing around. The bouncing seems to be the proof that this is not a plain shader hack but actual unsigned code running on the box. The video can be downloaded here."

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