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Comment: Re:Why would it need studies? (Score -1, Offtopic) 345

by Trracer (#40140105) Attached to: TomTom Flames OpenStreetMap

A few weeks ago, I foolishly ran a strange executable file that one of my acquaintances sent me by email. As someone who doesn't know much about computers, at the time, I thought nothing of it. "Why would my acquaintance want to hurt me?" Following this line of thought, I ran the file without question.

How naive I was. Despite having what was supposedly the best anti-virus software out right then, a virus took over my computer and held it hostage. It was pretending to be a warning from Windows telling me to buy some strange anti-virus software I'd never heard of from a company I'd never heard of to remove the virus.

This immediately set alarm bells off in my head. "How could this happen? My anti-virus is supposed to be second to none!" Faced with this harsh reality, I decided to take it to a PC repair shop for repair. They gladly accepted the job, told me it'd be fixed in a few days, and sent me off with a smile.

A few days later, they called me and told me to come pick up my computer. At the time, I noticed that they sounded like whimpering animals, but I concluded that it must just be stress from work. When I arrived, they, with tears in their eyes, told me that the virus was so awful and merciless that they were unable to remove it. "Ah," I thought. "That must be why they sounded so frustrated and pathetic over the phone. Their failure must have truly ruined their pride as professionals." I later found out that two of them had committed suicide.

After returning home, I tried to fix it myself (despite the fact that even the professionals couldn't do it). After about a day or so, I was losing my very mind. I stopped going to work, stopped eating, was depressed, and I would very frequently throw my precious belongings across the room and break them; that is how bad this virus was.

That's when it happened: I found MyCleanPC! I installed MyCleanPC, ran a scan, and let it remove all the viruses! They were removed in precisely 2.892 seconds. Wow! Such a thing! I can't even believe this as such never before! MyCleanPC is outstanding! My computer is running faster than ever! MyCleanPC came through with flying colors where no one else could!

MyCleanPC totally cleaned up my system, and increased my speed! If you're having computer problems, or even if you aren't having any obvious problems, I recommend that you use MyCleanPC. As a user, it did more for me that any so-called "professional." It'll even boost your PC & internet speed!

MyCleanPC: For a Cleaner, Safer PC.

Mod parent down, this crap does not belong on slashdot.

Comment: Re:What about Google and Youtube? (Score 2) 175

by Trracer (#38891261) Attached to: Swedish Supreme Court Refuses Appeal In Pirate Bay Case

Google and Youtube respond to DMCA request. They follow the laws and can easily claim plausible deniability.

Pirate Bay never took down any content due to copyright violations and boasts about it. There is no comparison.

DMCA isn't valid in Sweden, where TPB was hosted. IANAswedishL but the reason why TPB "lived" so long in Sweden is because there were no legal hindrances at the time. The point is still, they did not host any content, no content passed TPB servers.

Comment: Re:What about Google and Youtube? (Score 2) 175

by Trracer (#38891015) Attached to: Swedish Supreme Court Refuses Appeal In Pirate Bay Case

So I guess Google, Youtube etc etc can fall under being an accessory to copyright violation?

Sure, if they flagrantly violate the law and do nothing when they are told about infringing material being uploaded to Youtube. Except that Youtube takes down infringing material when notified about it and thus, no, they aren't doing the same thing as the Pirate Bay.

Alright, I can buy that for Youtube since it's actual content being uploaded that they remove.
But how about Google search? TPB just serves the torrent file which is basically pointing to the file you want to download (and thus becoming an accessory to copyright violation), same as Googles search index. Neither hold any content...

Comment: What keeps me... (Score 1) 1880

by Trracer (#38022138) Attached to: What's Keeping You On Windows?

At home: Main PC runs Windows for gaming. Mac mini as media player connected to the TV. Server box runs linux/vmware with some vm's of general flavour.

At work: We use a mixed environment but the windows boxes are mostly there for legacy and internal apps. We even still have some OS/2 boxes, yay for the financial business. All main desktop/client PCs are Windows (40k+ clients). Most of the backend/network runs Linux. I can't see a switch to anything but later Windows within 10 years or so.

Comment: Really sad... (Score 2) 182

by Trracer (#37417922) Attached to: Famous Wildlife Photographer Busted For Using Stock Images

The whole issue was raised when a state wildlife inspector got puzzled when Terje had seen so many lynxes (sp?) in such short time when the inspector, (for 30+ years or so) only had seen a couple.

On a personal note, as a Swedish avid amateur photographer I've personally been a part of the discussions on the Swedish phtography forums where Terje has been posting and he has always sounded snotty and acting like a jerk. So this suits him right. His wife who is a photographer too also has doctored photos of lynx-sightings altho she has also claimed Terjes cheating was news to her. It's unfortunately that this happened since it taints the reputation of other (legit) Swedish nature photographers.

Comment: Early starter... (Score 1) 169

by Trracer (#37012584) Attached to: World Wide Web Turns 20 Today

Back in 1992 (when I was in highschool) I hung around with some older friends who brought me to the local uni computer club and showed me the world of MUDs, IRC and the* groups on usenet. A year later (final year of highschool) I interned at the uni (physics dept) but spent most of my time at the computer club (as an "employee" I was allowed to be a member) handling their backups and doing software maintenance (and spending a load of time on my favourite MUD).

Must have been around that time when a friend of mine showed me this application called "Mosaic" that I really didn't understand what it was used for. A couple of years later, basically when Netscape came out I made my first page.

Nowadays in my mid 30's I'm an IBM:er, handling banking software and computers are turning out to be more of a bore (except computer games).

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it." - Bert Lantz