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Comment Re:Intel WiDi (Score 1) 154 154

Miracast is the name for the industry standard which Intel WiDi is part of.

If your TV can't nativly receive Miracast (TV manufacturers give it different names. e.g. Samsung Allshare Cast) you can buy a miracast receiver dongle.
That's the easy bit.
From browsing intel forums, it seems WiDI is mainly supported on ultrabooks which have all Intel components, including the wireless network adapter and display.

Comment Re:It would first have to go somewhere I want to g (Score 1) 654 654

You can save a lot of money if you can live without owning a car at all.

For me insurance, registration and licensing are fixed costs. I'm paying them just by owning a car at all.
Depreciation cost has an age component and at distance travelled component.
Oil, tires and other service items are incremental costs which are significant, but less than fuel cost.

I use a mixture of car, bicycle and public transport. I think my biggest saving is that I'm happy to keep and older model car. I know if I drove everywhere, I would be strongly tempted to buy a newer and more luxurious car.

Comment Re:What about body fat % (Score 3, Informative) 409 409

There is an even simpler measurement that correlates well with obesity risks - waist circumference.

No scales or body fat measuring devices are required, only a tape measure.
The old excuses like being "big boned" or having high muscle mass don't apply.
Don't focus on weight, which has many confounding factors. If your waistline decreases because you lose abdominal fat, you will be healthier.

Comment Re:All of you should buy AMD whenever possible (Score 1) 98 98

That's a bad comparision.
The AMD FX-9590 ($260) is beaten by the i7 4790 CPU ($310).
The $1050 i7-5960X CPU doesn't have any competition, which is probably why Intel charges such a large premium. I couldn't justify the purchase of one, but some people have to have the best, regardless of the cost.

AMD cpus are only slightly cheaper than roughly equivalent Intel CPUs.
I think they are good value for multithreaded performance, but Intel still has the lead for single thread performance which is important to most desktop users.

I still don't know why AMD doesn't have a NUC/BRIX style platform. These are growing in popularity for media boxes and non-gamer desktops. They don't need the fastest or lowest power CPUs, just a middle of the road performance. I think AMD could compete quite will in this sector.

Comment Re:So far so good. (Score 2) 211 211

Determining the right metrics isn't easy. Repairs minus returns and complaints might be a better metric, but event that would be flawed, because a percentage of complaints and returns might be on a false premise. When metrics are emphasized they are usually gamed. Even discounting incompetency a tech might cherry-pick the easy repairs to increase the number. Relying on numbers without understanding of what those numbers mean is a recipe for failure in any industry.

Comment Re:Earnings (Score 2) 185 185

Twitter isn't profitable. Therefore it's value is based on perception, i.e. the belief that it will someday become profitable.

I do agree that the title is misleading. If the earnings report had been release at the normal time the price would still have dropped. This happens all the time with stocks. There possibly was a stampede on this occasion, with people trying to sell quickly to beat the market.

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