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Comment Re:So who wants to... (Score 1) 572

Note that the busybox maintainer didn't remove systemd support because it conflicted with the UNIX philosophy. He removed it because he wasn't being supported by the systemd project. It's probably the responsible thing to remove the code rather than leaving unmaintained code in the busybox tree. There's nothing stopping someone else from updating it submitting it again if they are going to support it.

Most unix shells take a bunch of commands and combine them into one executable. Busybox is designed for embedded environments which might not otherwise have a command line userspace at all. Typically only a subset of the hundeds of commands are compiled into busybox for a particular environment.

Comment Re:It was a slippery slope ... (Score 1) 242

If you have to repair a vehicle frequently, it is not reliable - unless you mean that you can rely on it to fail regularly.
Electronic fuel injection has replaced the mechanical carburetor. Neither are manual devices. The carburetor is a simpler device to repair, but much less reliable and also less efficient. We are long past the time when self maintenance is a worthy consideration for the majority of of the population.

Comment Re:DirectX (Score 2) 281

There's even more Mac games than Linux games on steam and Macs don't have DirectX either.
For games that require leading edge graphics I would tend to agree that deviating from DirectX isn't commercially acceptable. However most games these days are ported from the consoles which have much less powerful GPUs than a typical gaming PC.

It's not OpenGL per se that's the problem, it's the quality of the OpenGL drivers under Linux. Having decent OpenGL drivers is a lower priority than good DirectX drivers for NVidia and AMD. Intel does a good job, but they are not the gamer's choice.

Comment Re:OSX in 2013. (Score 1) 231

It's not safe to say that. A lot of Linux code for new features lives in separate git trees or patches for months or years before it's pulled into the mainline kernel. Some Linux distributors include non-mainline code with their shipping kernels. For example ksplice has been around since 2008. It's not a mainline kernel feature, but Oracle includes it in their Linux distribution.

Comment Re: Oracle's monopoly? (Score 2) 457

Android doesn't use Java. Android used to use the Dalvik runtime environment. In Android 5 they introduced ART (Android Run Time) to replace Dalvik.

Dalvik and ART work like Java in that they execute compiled bytecode, but they are separate implementations and are not compatible with Java bytecode.

You can write your own source code in the Java language and compile it to Dalvik/ART bytecode.

Oracle is mad that Google made something that worked similarly to Java, but is not Java and isn't bytecode compatible.

Comment Re:Intel WiDi (Score 1) 158

Miracast is the name for the industry standard which Intel WiDi is part of.

If your TV can't nativly receive Miracast (TV manufacturers give it different names. e.g. Samsung Allshare Cast) you can buy a miracast receiver dongle.
That's the easy bit.
From browsing intel forums, it seems WiDI is mainly supported on ultrabooks which have all Intel components, including the wireless network adapter and display.

Comment Re:It would first have to go somewhere I want to g (Score 1) 654

You can save a lot of money if you can live without owning a car at all.

For me insurance, registration and licensing are fixed costs. I'm paying them just by owning a car at all.
Depreciation cost has an age component and at distance travelled component.
Oil, tires and other service items are incremental costs which are significant, but less than fuel cost.

I use a mixture of car, bicycle and public transport. I think my biggest saving is that I'm happy to keep and older model car. I know if I drove everywhere, I would be strongly tempted to buy a newer and more luxurious car.

Comment Re:What about body fat % (Score 3, Informative) 409

There is an even simpler measurement that correlates well with obesity risks - waist circumference.
e.g http://www.healthdirect.gov.au...

No scales or body fat measuring devices are required, only a tape measure.
The old excuses like being "big boned" or having high muscle mass don't apply.
Don't focus on weight, which has many confounding factors. If your waistline decreases because you lose abdominal fat, you will be healthier.

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